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Updated on September 22, 2007
C.H. asks from Hephzibah, GA
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My son had mentioned a toy mower called a moo moo mower and a vacauum called ruff ruff vacuum and have actually seen a preview for it on the cartoon channel.I was trying to show it to my husband and even though I just price checked it a few weeks ago,I can't find not one thing about either of the toys.I thought maybe it got recalled but I browsed a site that had current recalls on it and there was no mention of either toy for the past few months.I know I;m not crazy, but it's kind of hard to convince that to my husband when I cant even find one mention of the toy now.Anyone else heard of these 2 toys?

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Thanks, makes me want to call my husband right now at work and say "I told you so".lol I hope I can find it in toys r us or wal-mart, if not it looks like I am going to end up ordering it offline....I just hate that I will pay more for the shipping charges.I still wonder why I cant seem to find it just by typing in the name of the got to go directly to the site to see them, and they seem like pretty neat toys.My son has both a mower and a vac that we bought him when he was about 2 and the vac really works but this one is so much cuter and his mower is just a bubble mower.I plan on getting one for my son and the other for the baby for christmas. I know the baby wont use his at first much but my son will pick up the slack until the baby learns to use it lol.Thanks again!

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GIRL!! Check EBAY...if it exists, it is on ebay and you can ask all the questions you want, plus you can find more info to contact the manufacturer.



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Hey, you mentioned paying more online for stuff, like shipping.. If anyone out there orders regularly online.. be sure to check out these 2 sites. All you have to do is find the online store you're looking for and see if they have any current coupons offered. I have often gotten 10 to 20% discount or free shipping at least. It's worth it to check out or even wait to make your purchase and keep checking to see if an offer is posted. It is well worth it.




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I know what you are talking about. I found them in the toy section of Walmart in Goose Creek. they are on the bottom shelf. I saw them Sunday september 16. I think it was priced at $20.00.



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I do not know if this help you any but I seen the comercial too. I seen it eariler today



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We actually have both toys for our kids. They LOVE them. My daughter got her vacuum several years ago and she stills plays with it at 4 years old. My son has the mower. He ADORES it. He loves real I know we got both toys from Toy's R Us. We live in Spartanburg. I'm sure they carry them still. I hope this helps. And believe me, you are not crazy...

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