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Ebay or Craigslist?? Which Do You Prefer?

NOW the latest is that you CAN'T sell on eBay unless you use PayPal or ProPay. ... You also have to pay eBay and Paypal (if you accept paypal) fees on the ...

Ebay Tip... How to Ship Economically???

Sep 24, 2009 ... I figure that the ebay/paypal fees are my responsibility for the ... I prefer paypal (even though there's a fee), or a money order. ...

Does Anyone Buy or Sell Kids Clothes on Ebay ??

It isn't hard to buy, but filling out pay pal was the hardest. It is a little harder to figure out how to sell on ebay. Are you looking for a stay home job? ...

E-bay vs Craigslist

Ebay charges fees after an item is sold but is very small amount and you need to use paypal to have people pay you on ebay. If you don't use paypal a lot of ...


PayPal is notoriously insecure anyway and not having an account will keep you from bidding in auctions (many auctions only accept PayPal payments). ...

Problems with Ebay Customer Service

It's free to advertise and you can set it up for people to come to your house or if you belong to paypal (which I'm guessing you do) you can offer shipping ...

I Can't Afford Formula for My Baby

You can look at the feedback profile etc., and as long as you pay with PayPal you're covered by PayPal if you're unsatisfied with your product. Regards, ...

Online Jobs

... a month ranging from 100-750 points that u turn in for gift cards or paypal deposits... its not a lot I prob turn in about $25 worth every 3 months. ...

Seeking Help Selling Outgrown Toys and Clothes and Clutter-busting

Their "bank" Paypal is really easy to deal with and you get paid almost instantly. ..... The is no hastle of Paypal of auction pricing. Helpful? ...

Anyone Have a Michael's/Hobby Lobby Coupon?

Read all 3 responses: "anyone out there have a coupon to a craft store you can send me? I'll be glad to PayPal you the postage amount..."
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  • try craigs list in 2 answers "You can also try Craig's List, which would be local."
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