Ebay Tip... How to Ship Economically???

Updated on September 24, 2009
L.O. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
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I have begun selling kids stuff on ebay. so far so good... wont get rich off this but will help keep my basement from filling up...

anyone have tips on shippping ?? do youknow when I can get those haeavy duty (plastic) mailers...?? they are lightweight but very strong??

also what items are worth sellin on ebay?? i have seen that gymboreee clothes and nike shoes do well... I also have childrens place clothes... is taht worth selling ?? is it better to bundle things in a lot.. or sell individual pieces or outfits?/

please help a ebay newbie..

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Hi L.,

As previously stated, getting a small scale is ideal. You can purchase the bags you are referring to on eBay. They are called poly bags. You can usually get 100 of them for around $11.00. Because they are so light, it is usually cheaper to ship this way. If you have a large lot, use the prepaid envelopes from the post office.

Also, we have a website specifically for selling children's items. There are no selling/picture fees. If interested, please let me know and I will send you a promo code for a discounted membership or answer any questions you may have. The site is www.mom2momexchange.com. Click on 'Contact Us' and it will come straight to me.

Good Luck & Good Selling!


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L.; my husband used to sell things on ebay and we did live off it, he used first class postage instead of ups then you could buy envelopes or get the ones for free from post office, then your stuff ships at same rate, well thats what he said, also it pays to get a post office scale so you know how much it weighs and how much to attach to the item to send it, either way have a good day and hope it all works out for yah, and yeah its like having a garage sale on your computer, ahahahahah D. s

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L. ~
you can get free shipping supplies from usps.com
I always ship stuff priority mail...buy a small postal scale, put the item/s in it, weigh it then you can enter the exact weight into the ebay form and it will figure out the shipping cost. This way will let you combine shipping easier, too...if they win multiple auctions, you box them all up, weigh it and get the shipping cost. You can figure it out yourself, too (besides ebay doing it for you...probably easier when combining) ... go to postalcalc.usps.gov ... you will enter your zip code, their's and the weight of the package. I always charge the exact amount it will cost me...I figure that the ebay/paypal fees are my responsibility for the convenience of selling stuff. Some people add a dollar or two to make up for the fees.
As a buyer, I get annoyed when shipping costs are alot more than what is actually paid. I've seen people list things really cheap, then charge alot for shipping to make up for the low sale price.
Children's clothing, especially a name brand, sell really well. I think bundling things together is harder, because as a buyer, I may like some of the lot, but not all of it...so then I don't bid. But that can go both ways.
Also, if you take checks...make sure they clear your bank before you ship out. I don't take personal checks...I prefer paypal (even though there's a fee), or a money order. You just never know with people.
good luck!

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kids clothes are tuff to sell on eBay. they need to be name brand and impecable shape... For just getting a better than or same as garage sale price, it's better to bundle. A good way to unfill your house without throwing away or having a garage sale. When we sell, we point out all the flaws, rather than what is great about the item, then we don't dissapoint our customers. for shipping: figure out what fits in the priority mail bag and use that. order supplies online at USPS.com and the USPS will even pick up at your house. the bags are very strong and made to get items there. Also, you don't need to fill the bag, you can fold it to fit the items. if you want to email me with more ebay questions, please feel free to do so... [email protected]____.com

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I've started using Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes and boxes. They're free from the post office, or you can order them online. The nice thing is not having to worry about the weight and it's always the same price whether you're shipping across the state or country. So as long as you know what size package you need for your items, you can advertise one price for shipping. That also makes it nice if you want to include free shipping as an incentive on an item you know will make some money. Another good thing is you can ship to Canada pretty reasonable too with the flat rate boxes.

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