partial placenta previa

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Placenta Previa

I had Placenta previa with my firstborn -- I had off and on bleeding for few ... I had total placenta previa (placenta laying at complete bottom) for most ...

Placenta Previa

Read all 6 responses: "I had my first doctors visit yesterday everything went great. I had the normal first prenatal things tested and done.

Placenta Previa

M., you definitely need to be concerned about placenta previa. I don't want to scare you, but I had a similar problem and was put on immediate bed rest. ...

Anyone Else Go Through This?

(our fault) okay so now I found out I have a marginal placenta which could very well lead to placenta previa, my question is has anyone else gone through ...

Bed Rest

i had placenta previa when i was arounf 13 weeks and was ordered to bed rest for 2 weeks then i ..... Complete Placenta Previa--Anyone Had This? Advice? ...

Need Advice

Hello everyone ----- i have partial placenta previa and I'm 28 weeks, i was wondering if anyone has been through this. Was you able to deliver vaginally or ...

A Low Placenta

I think it's called Placenta Previa, or something like that. My doctor told me not to worry ... My placenta was low with my first child (placenta previa). ...

Breech Position

Next question Placenta Previa ... Has Anyone Been Diagnose with Placenta Previa ... Placenta Previa Diagnosed 20 Weeks ...

Amniotic Fluid Leaking

I had a coworker with a leaking amnionitic fluid and a placenta previa. She spent 3 months in bed... and her son .... partial placenta previa · amnio week ...


I also had trouble with a bleeding placenta previa & preterm labor. My twins were born via csection at 29 .... Placenta Previa · partial placenta previa ...
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