Anyone Else Go Through This?

Updated on February 25, 2008
A.A. asks from Riverside, CA
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Well I had my son last year Sept 06 by C-Section and 4 months later I became pregnant with my second very UNPLANNED! (our fault) okay so now I found out I have a marginal placenta which could very well lead to placenta previa, my question is has anyone else gone through this? if so how was the outcome I am very scared because I had no problems with my last pregnancy so I would just like to know someone elses experience.

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So What Happened?

My placenta moved up and everything is going great, thanks to all that made me feel better!

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answers from Sacramento on

Hi A.,
With my second pregnancy I also found out I had a low placenta. The doctors watched my pregnancy very close and I got an ultra sound done at every appointment. I have to admit I was scared. Well, in the end I had a natural childbirth.
I'm sure you'll be fine, try not to worry to much about it. Thats something I did. I let it consume me. It was something that was constantly on my mind.
Everything will turn out just fine.

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answers from Salinas on

As the uterus grows upward, usually the placenta does too. Serial ultrasounds should show whether your marginal placenta moves up and out of the way. If it does start to cover the cervical os, and become a placenta previa, it just means that you have to be really vigilant about bleeding and go in early to be checked out for any bleeding. It's a common cause for painless second or third trimester bleeding. If it becomes a total previa, you will need a C-section. Most marginal placentas don't become previas and a normal vaginal delivery is probable.



answers from Las Vegas on


From what I understand it is common for the placenta to move upwards with the uterus as the uterus stretches. But regardless, if I were in your position, I'd ask for a referral to a Perinatologist. A perinatologist is a high risk pregnancy specialist (like an OB but much different training and experience). I have high risk pregnancies and I had a perinatoligist with both of my pregnancies. OBs are great for routine pregnancies but if you have any sort of complication, I'd want a perinatoligist. If you are in Las Vegas, I went to Joseph Adashek at Desert Perinatal. He's really nice and really good.




answers from San Diego on

I guess by now you've had your second son - Andrew? I also had a marginal placenta with my second. I ended up on bedrest in the hospital and had my daughter by emergency c-section 5 weeks early. She was in the nicu for a week because she couldn't maintain her blood sugar. Her lungs were/ARE very strong!! She's almost a year old now and no problems at all.



answers from Fresno on

I had my first son via c-section also and 7 months later I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant again. I just had High blood pressure at the end of the pregnancy with hardly any complications but I did have to have another c-section. Since I knew what to expect, the doctor just kept a close watch on the baby and me. Needless to say I waited 3 years to have my last baby, also with a planned c-section. Good luck!



answers from Sacramento on

Hi There, I have not gone through this but I am an ultrasound tech and the placenta normally moves up as your pregnancy progresses, it doesn't move down. If you had a low lying placenta, I would say you have a good chance for a vaginal delivery, but with marginal sometimes it moves up enough and sometimes it still is low lying. It all depends, but they should recheck you at around 30 weeks and hopefully it's moved out of the way. Best of luck!! S.



answers from Los Angeles on

lots of bed rest.. your baby will be delivered c-section.. you are going to need to rest as much as you can thought



answers from Los Angeles on

Hello A.,

Well, I can fully say I can empathize because I too just had a baby 6 months ago and just found out that I am 12 weeks pregnant! It was unplanned and my husband and I are still reeling in shock. Were you by chance taking birth control? And if you were, was it the Mini Pill?? As for your previa condition, I was also told that I had a marginal placenta early in my last pregnancy, but within 20 weeks, my placenta moved north on it's own and I was fine. My co-worker also had this issue and was put on bed rest for 4 months. Either way, you can have a safe, healthy baby and deliver so please don't worry. Just make sure to take it easy, don't lift anything heavy or remember to take breaks periodically throughout the day. I know that is tough with a baby to take care of, but you have to be careful! Good luck and I'm so relieved to hear that I'm not the only one that is going to have two babies under the age of 14 months!

Best wishes, D.



answers from San Francisco on

I was diagnosed with marginal placenta previa at 12 weeks pregnant after some pretty scary bleeding and cramping - placenta previa is very VERY common, and very rarely causes complications. Unless you have a history of bleeding and miscarriage in your past pregnancy, then the doctor will just keep an eye on it, and allow you to go on with all of your normal activities until delivery. A great majority of pregnant women have marginal placenta that never needs to be addressed because it causes no problems - and the more marginal, the less serious.

I had no complications while carrying my child, and the birth was perfect and went as smoothly as anyone could have hoped. I worked a very physical and stressful job up until the day I delivered without a single complication.

Don't be scared, and don't be worried. It is very unlikely that the marginal placenta, even if it turns into previa, will have any bearing on the way you carry or deliver your child. Just remember that it is common, and if your doctor doesn't seem worried, then you are doing just fine.



answers from San Diego on

hi A. this is ajanta when my daughter was born the doctor said that my placenta was low i don't remember what it was called but if it is the same thing i had you do not have to be scared the doctor told me that since my placenta was low if i wait till the last minute for normal delivery i may bleed very bad which is not good so she told me i have to have c-section so instead of jan 9 my daughter was born 28th dec,and nothing to be scared of but you can ask your doctor if what i had is the same thing you have.

thank you

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