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Nicknames for Your Kids?

K.H. asks from Wausau

This is just for fun, I love some of the nicknames people have for their kids...they come up with some really cute things! Even silly things! My 6 year old has been ...


JFF - Can't Remember My Name

N.D. asks from Portland

my name is nicole and i consistently get people who, if they don't remember my name, call me michelle. i have asked a few other nicole's and they also get called mic...


Did You like Your First Name When You Were a Child?

*.*. asks from New London

When I was a kid, everybody called me "Kristine" or "Kristina" and it drove me crazy ! I was constantly saying that my name was Kris--ten ! Finally, in the mid-70...


Manners Question Re How Kids Address Adults

L.K. asks from Chicago

Just curious...My 3.5 year old calls his teachers miss Michelle (or whatever their first name is). For neighbors and moms of his friends does he call them by their fi...


Please Help Me Choose Between 2 Names!!

C.B. asks from Little Rock

HI!! I'm about 6 months pregnant with my second little girl and my husband and I are having a difficult time trying to decide between two names. My first little gir...


Quinn for a Girl

R.S. asks from Kansas City

My husband and I both agree that we like Quinn for a name for our daughter (I am due in Sept.) However, we cannot come up with a middle name we like to go with it. ...


Baby Girl Names - Opinions Please!

R.H. asks from Dallas

Hello Moms, I'm currently expecting my second girl, 4th child. I am so confused on her name, it's driving me crazy! : ) With my first daughter, the name just c...

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