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Baby Move!

K.R. asks from Chicago

This is my second baby and I am 14 weeks and I think I felt the baby... is that crazy! I felt my first at 17 weeks! Can it really be the baby???


Baby Einstein

S.R. asks from Boca Raton

i was wondering what anyone thought about the baby einstein products, do you like the videos, cd, baby gear?


Baby Dedication.

M.L. asks from Los Angeles

What is the age that you are supposed to, or can, dedicate your baby???


Should I Have Another Baby

K.D. asks from Fort Wayne

Should we bring a baby to our new life together


Baby Food

C.W. asks from Lexington

Do you put leftover baby food in the fridge? If so, do you heat it up when you give the leftovers to baby? And how do you heat it? Thanks!


Gassy Baby

A.S. asks from Atlanta

I have a 3 week old baby and I am breastfeeding. Is being very gassy normal for the baby? I have determined it is not my diet, what else could it be?


Baby Shower for Baby #3

B.J. asks from Longview

Hi ladies!! I am currently pregnant with my third child. I had a baby shower for my first two.They are now 7 and 4. My sister wants to give me a baby shower for ba...


New Baby

J.M. asks from Tyler

I am wondering if you have any ideas on how to prepare my 20 month old for a new baby. She will be two when the baby is born. I want her to feel like she is still o...


Baby Gift

J. asks from Chicago

One of my best friends is having her first baby. What are some of the things you love for your baby, things cannot imagine living without. (My baby is 16, so many t...

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