how long can i swaddle my baby

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How Do I Wean from a Swaddle?

I allowed my baby to sleep skin to skin between my breast for a long time, .... I don't believe you can 'wean' from a swaddle. Need is need, and it's the ...


I swaddled my daughter as long as she would allow me. She slept through the night starting at .... My baby is now 3 months old and I'm still swaddling her. ...

Baby Won't Sleep Unless Held

Swaddling has always worked for my 1ST and 3rd boys, though. .... It covered her from head to toe and I was able to do all sorts of things all day long. ... I figure if you can't beat em, join em :) Have her look into "baby wearing". ...

Swaddle Blankets

If she is 4 months old, and can take her paci out on her own, she is probably ready to graduate the wrap. .... with these blankets you can continue to use them for a long time. ... When and How to Wean My Baby off the Swaddle ...

Anyone Still Swaddle at 8 Months?

Yes I swaddled as long as my kids seemed to like it and it helped them sleep ... a Native American family we had a baby board and my son used that until he ...

Advice on Swaddling, Self-soothing, Schedules, Sleeping...

Oct 16, 2009 ... I don't have any advice for you about swaddling, my son loved it for the first .... I also suggest swaddling as long as your baby likes it. ... I don't know if you can really encourage a baby to self-soothe in one way or ...

Swaddling/sleep Positioning?

My son is just over 4 months old and we just stopped swaddling him because he was .... STOP SWADDLING!! We love the swaddle, too, but as soon as the baby can move like you described, it is not safe to swaddle. .... How Long to Swaddle? ...

Transitioning 5 Month Old from Sleep Swaddle

The reason we continued to swaddle him for as long as we have is that .... It keeps my son swaddled without kicking out of it so he can sleep better all night . ... A lot of people say that this is to old to swaddle a baby but it doesn't ...


I simply continued it as long as it was necessary. It didnt last. My advise would be to swaddle her so you both can get some sleep. ...

Trying to Wean 6 Month Old Out of Swaddling/dependency on Blanket

Can your baby flip over yet? I went through the very same thing with my little one. ... I am surprised you managed to swaddle him for as long as you did. ...
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