mom molested me

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When to Have First Sex Talk

I remember my mom took me to a fancy hotel for 1 night and we did all kinds .... So many kids get molested before intercourse even comes into the picture. ...

My 2Nd Grader Learning About Sex/inappropriate Talk from Classmate

Before I was 8, I had been molested in the home, raped at school, ..... I was the room mom and a lot of the other moms came to me and told me they had to ...

Potty Training Regression

Oct 29, 2009 ... She suggested to me, to not make a battle over it. ... is around is to establish "Special Time With Mom": even just 10 minutes when Mom can ... ask is whether there is any possibility that she has been sexually molested. ...

How to Teach What Sex Is to a 10 Yr Old Boy ....

For me and my sister, our Mom never had the 'talk' with us and we had to .... my biggest worry is that any of my five children would be " molested" or be ...

Inappropriate Behavior by Teacher or Just Sweet?

It's what I'm comfortable with, but I wouldn't be offended if a parent asked me to stop. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...

Would You Let Your 9 Year Old Walk Home from School?

Me personally I would not let my child walk home especially if I knew that there ...... My mom was VERY overprotective. Yet, I was molested when I was 10. ...


L., you and every other mom that reads my post. NEVER feel that you are too paranoid, ..... PLEASE tell me he is no longer friends with the molester! ...

4 Year Old Holds Pee and Poop and Acts Obnoxious

Also tell him, no playdates etc. because no one elses mom is going to want to deal with that..nor ... He may also be reacting to being sexually molested. ...

Would You Hire a Boy Babysitter?

1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. D.J. answers from Phoenix on May 20, 2009. For me it depends on the boy ...

Help with Anxiety in 11 Year Old

She says she wants to be close to Mom and Dad (we had hoped that having the dog ... Wow ur daughter sounds like me when I was her age. I am now 37 but as a ...
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