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Help!!! Entire Extended Family Going Camping in 2 Weeks

L.E. asks from San Francisco

Help!!! I'm a late check-out and room service girl. I know nothing about camping for grown ups let alone how to do it with an infant. We were supposed to do a resor...


Horrible Rash on Tummy and Back~UPDATED

A.D. asks from Killeen

My 16 month-old son woke up this morning with this awful rash all over his tummy, under arms, and some on his back and in his diaper area. He did have a small heat re...


Natural Organic Cleaning Products

S.H. asks from Austin

I would like to make the switch to all natural, organic cleaning and personal care products for my home, but am unsure where to start. Is anyone really happy with th...


Are Character Meals at Disney World Worth It?

M.T. asks from Milwaukee

My husband and I are taking our kids to Disney World for the first time. We will be staying off site and going to Magic Kingdom for two days. My plan is to pack eno...


Cost of Groceries

K.H. asks from Minneapolis

In the new year I started working on a budget and really looking at where our family puts our money and I am seeing that our family seems to spend way too much on gro...


Couponing for Healthy Food and with Brand Loyalty

C.M. asks from Phoenix

I know there are a ton of posts regarding couponing, but I have a specific issue. My son/daughter have food alleries (to dairy and corn). So when I look through my ...


Does Anyone Use a Locally Grown / Organic Food Delivery Service?

K.J. asks from Chicago

Hello Mamas, Like so many, I am trying to be more conscious of where our food comes from and what goes into it. I have many friends and family back in MN who have...


Seeking a Great Health Food Cafe

D.D. asks from Dallas

Strange request. I'm having a craving for a specific type of restaurant/food that I can usually find in other cities (like Austin), but have yet to find here in the ...


Tips/easy Recipes to Help Me Get Healthy!

F.H. asks from Phoenix

So hubs and I have joined gyms. I have decided to give most of our pantry to the food donations at church. Here's the issue, I don't really know how to get start...


Trying to Eat Healthy, Ideas??

K.C. asks from Boise

Hey ladies! So I have been needing to "make" changes in how I eat, to get healthy and loose some weight. I have high blood pressure, on meds for that as well as metfo...

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  • monorail from magic kingdom in 2 answers "Riding the monorail from Magic Kingdom to the Contemporary was part of my kids'"
  • whole foods or central market in 2 answers "I was going to suggest Whole Foods or Central Market."
  • vinegar and baking soda in 2 answers "... toilet cleaner that smells good so I started just using vinegar and baking soda ..."
  • zip lock bags in 3 answers "... mix up with all dry ingredients, so I only need to add water. Zip lock bags ..."
  • whole wheat pastas in 2 answers "You can still eat pasta, just eat less and eat smarter. Use whole wheat pastas."