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Wheat- Free Products?

H.H. asks from Cincinnati

Help! I just had my baby girl tested for food allergies and found out she is highly allergic to peanuts and wheat! also, dogs but that came out not so bad! The docter...


Doctors Won't Help My One Year Old with Her Allergies

J.C. asks from Tucson

My daughter just turned 1 last week. She had colic and excema when she was first born. Her pediatrician thought she might have a protein allergy and put her on Nutr...


Items to Order at Restaurants or 9 Month Old Babies?

L.G. asks from San Francisco

Hi moms, When you go out, what do you order for your babies? To date, we have just brought their bottles with us, but now we are thinking that simple menu items ma...


2 Yr Old Birthday Party Planning

L.D. asks from Dallas

I'm looking for a place to have our daughter's 2nd birthday party. Not too big, nothing crazy. Our place is really small and so I was hoping to find a rental hall ou...


Food Coop Question

D.K. asks from Dallas

I am interested in joining a food coop for organic produce. I have tried the organic basket at the Bountiful Baskets.org and although it was certified organic and a g...


Looking for First Birthday Ideas!

C.P. asks from Denver

Hello, mommies! My LO will be turning ONE in a couple months. I'm looking at throwing her a super first birthday, but I need some ideas for possible location/acti...


12 Month Old Refuses to Eat Solids Just Wants Formula

M.R. asks from San Antonio

Hello all, I am having a real struggle to get my 12 month old to eat pureed or solid foods. I have tried all brands and types and he only grazes very lightly and then...


How Do I Go Organic and Enviromentally Safe in My Home?

Y.F. asks from Orlando

Hello ladies. Ok so I have a question. I would like to be more enviromentally safe in my cleaning, and I would like to feed my children healthier. We are not doing...


What Do You Spend?

M.M. asks from Chicago

I want to know what you ladies spend weekly or monthly on groceries. My husband gives me $500 every 2 weeks for groceries and gas for the car. I always go over budget...


How to Learn to Eat Better? Ie. Organic, Raw, Juicing, Glycemic Index

A.H. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! I suffer from many ailments, and am tired of it all. I am on tons of medications for all the various things. I have gained a ton of weight due to some of th...

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