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Maternity Clothing Suggestions

Anyway, it's a solid piece of material like leg warmers but for your belly. I was able to wear my normal pant until I was 7 months pregnant with this piece ...

If You Had to Do It All over Again, What Would You NOT Buy?

Babyleggs leg warmers- They're great for crawling (no skinned up knees or rug burn) and I live in way northern CA where it gets pretty chilly on the coast. ...

Constipation in Infants

I phoned her pediatrician every two days - and tried tummy massage, leg movements, .... leg warmers · Infant Formula · formula infant · reflux disease ...

Birthday Gift Ideas?

Oct 14, 2009 ... unique plus it's good for them and she has a blast with it There are weights a step a video some bands and legwrist warmersheadband It's ...

Diaper Rash

Also, just letting him air out will help, too - (they make baby legwarmers, or you could make some out of some old socks to keep his legs warm - it's been ...


They are baby legwarmers and they are really cute! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. C.B. answers from Portland on January 29, 2008 ...

Where/what Should I Register For????

BabyLegs - think 1980s-style legwarmers for babies (great for colder weather and wearing under clothes). Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...

2 Potty Training Questions

... the weather gets warmer put him in shorts with underwearonce it runs down his leg once or twice hell start getting interestedI recomend this for outside ...

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

and some baby legwarmers. Or a stainless steelsippy($15) cup or BPA free sippy cups and spoons($10). How about a "making your own babyfood" book and some ...

Diaper Rash

There are baby legwarmers called "baby legs" to keep him warm. Unfortunately it turns out that cornstarch is actually a good medium for growing yeast, ...
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