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My 11 Month Old Won't Eat Table Food - Sensitive Gag Reflex

We've been trying for months to feed my almost 1 year old finger food but each time .... kids food · food for kids · baby feeding food · food gift basket ...

8 Year Old Hates Everything

For kids food is all they can control. Well anyway stick to you guns and be consistant by standing by your word. I have a 7 year old who is autistic and he ...

Finger Food Ideas for a Spoon-grabbing Little One

Oct 16, 2009 ... When I started giving my kids food at that age I would chew up what I was eating and form it into ball for them to grab. ...

Any of You Taken Your Kids to Makatus Island in Chandler?

Read all 5 responses: "I want to take my two kids to Makatus Island in Chandler ... because they do not allow food or drink inside. Did your kids like it? ...

"She Won't Chew Her Food"

It's important to remind kids at this age to chew their food and swallow it before shoving more into their mouths. Sometimes I still feel like it's a ...

How Can I Get My Kids to Chew with Their Mouths Closed?

We have a jar that the kidsand hubby hehehe have to put moneythey use quarters from their allowance into each time they talk with food in their mouths or ...

Transitioning from Baby Food to 'Real Food'

Oct 13, 2009 ... Someone also told me to use my dinner food as he gets closer to one ... I have four little ones and I have had kids that will not eat if ...

Mixing Medicine with Food

The medicine is in a capsule that I have to pull apart and mix with food ... That is what most kids are on for that. My 9 month old loves the grape taste. ...

6 Month Old Doesn't like Food

Oh, and I promise you I'm not a woman who saw myself cooking my kids' food -- I work full time and rarely even cook for my husband. ...

Dry Food - No Teeth ?? & Ok to Skip Meats?

Healthy kids thrive! Of course babies with reflux, allergies and such need to be tended to and fed with extra care. Jar food is fine. ...
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