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Dog Poop

The problem is that I can't enjoy our time outside, because the dog likes ... Is there a method for redirecting the dog and train her to go in another area ...

Our Family Dog Bit Our Daughter and Other Recent Aggression Issues! H-E-L-P!

Oct 12, 2009 ... Or pay for a really good homeowner's insurance policy. If you get a dog again, make sure you have the time to give it the attention it ...

Rejected by Health Insurance Company. Now What?

Dog dander does not rule my life!) I wish that I hadn't gone to the allergist. ... (One of my husband's friends was rejected by an insurance company because ...

Advise on Purchasing a Trampoline

Homeowners insurance companies HATE trampolines, it is a huge liability issue. ... lawn mower and wheelbarrow at night where our dog can't chew them up! ...

Help Me Find My Dog a Home. Please!

The only thing is that you'd have to get the dog to them - sometimes there's a .... insurance because I was sick a lot and thought I needed more home time. ...

Looking for a Good Dog Groomer

Read all 9 responses: "I am looking for a good dog groomer for our 2 small dogs in the southwest Naperville area."

Dog Kennel in North Denver Area

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good, afforable dog kennel? .... try all brick kennels....we used them over the summer and our dog seemed happy. ...

Seeking Advice on Ligament Surgery for My Little Shih Tzu.

we have 2 wimeriner/lab mixed pups and insurance for pets can be quite worth it ... Get a Second Opinon, some vets are quick to jump to surgery and the dog ...

Hyper Pug and Suggetions How to Calm Her Down?

I had a dog trainer who came to my home and taught me how to train him which .... we had the same problem w/ our chocolate lab, we took her to see Dog. ...

Dog Boarding

Read all 6 responses: "anyone know of a great dog boarding place near downtown austin or near 360 or 2222?"
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