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Updated on October 10, 2008
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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Now that my baby is walking well, we frequently go out in the backyard to play. The problem is that I can't enjoy our time outside, because the dog likes to poop in the middle of the yard, right in front of the swingset. Annoying! So, I'm out there with a shovel most of the time picking it up.
Is there a method for redirecting the dog and train her to go in another area of the yard that ISN'T right where my kids walk? Any advice would be appeciated.
Our dog is an outside only dog, unless there's weather. She is a good dog, she's a retriever, and we do not have a dog run or crate. FYI.

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My mom had all of ours trained to go in one corner but it takes some work. You simply walk them out on a leash every tme they go and don't let them go anywhere else. After a time, go with them but off the leash, if they try to head elsewhere, shoo them back into the corner. After a time you will be able to send them out and they won't go anywhere else. You will need to scoop the poop every couple of days (my mother made us alway go out with the frigging dog and pick up the poop with a baggie and paper towels, still in therapy) but at least you can do it in the evening instead of demining the area before your kids can play.



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We love Pet Butler...they will come as often as you like and scoop it and take it away.....



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I would love to know as well if there is a way to train a dog to "go" on one side of the yard. Because we have the same problem with our Sheppard...we call them land mines at our house. My husband finally put up a cheap make shift chicken wire fence on half the yard and we just put the dog on one side to lay his land mines and then let him out. Its not ideal and not pretty but now we can enjoy our half the yard. Sometimes Sherman does go on our half when were not looking but one land mine is better than 20!



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Move the swingset. It will take a lot less effort than trying to re-train this dog and any other dog for that matter b/c the scent is there to stay. Dogs are precious family members and teach kids a lot about life, however they do take effort. Hope this helps.

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