Seeking Advice on Ligament Surgery for My Little Shih Tzu.

Updated on December 05, 2006
E.N. asks from Friendswood, TX
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Dear Mom's I need help I just found out that my little Shih Tzu "Scooter" just turned a ligament in his back leg I brote him to the Vet and their telling me that the surgery would be around $700-900 dollars and I don't have that kind of money... I need your help to tell me should I give Scooter away or what?? Is the holiday season and I am broke and now extremely worry for my Dear Pet we just adopted him in June of this year and we love him very much but I don't have that kind of money.. Please I need advice.

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So What Happened?

Well, First I want to thank all the moms that answer to my request.. And what I am going to do is get a second opinion with a Vet. that is in the AAHA group.. So that they might be able to help me with his bill.. Thanks Again I really appreciate it and I am sure scooter does as well.

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Get a Second Opinon, some vets are quick to jump to surgery and the dog might not need it. I know that was the case with my dog, one vet wanted to operate and the other wanted to set it. Well I have to say I went with letting the vet set it and the dog was fine, no problems and is just like anyother dog his age. You can purchase health insurance for your pets, look it up on line or call your vet and ask who they recommend. I raise Large livestock and it comes in handy often. Also most vets offer a credit alternative. The Intrest is high but you can finance it. Dont pick just any vet, go with an animal hospital. Look at a vet that dose large livestock, they usually have a bigger office and can offer more for you and your pets than just a small animal vet, and there services cost less most of the time as well. Good Luck


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we have 2 wimeriner/lab mixed pups and insurance for pets can be quite worth it ... many of the companies will allow you to sign up even after an injury has occured talk to your vet about financing and other options



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I researched this a little, and came across this site listing several organizations that help people with vet bills they cannot afford.

Good luck, I really hope you don't have to give Scooter away.



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When our dog needed $800 worth of emergency surgy the vet's office had a credit program. It wasn't administered through them, they just knew who to contact etc... So you may start with your vet or any other local vet in the area. I would also call the local Humane Society, they may have a place that offers reduced cost care on a sliding scale.

Good luck!

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