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Advice on Purchasing a Carpet Cleaner

Read all 9 responses: "I was thinking of purchasing a carpet cleaner (from maybe ... Researching a Good Steam-Carpet Cleaners to Purchase for the Home ...

Dyed Carpet

I came home from work last night to find black hair dye on my carpet where my 20 year old daughter decided to dye my 12 year old neices hair. ...

Greasy Carpet Mess

Thank you for that welcome home!!! Alot of mess!!! It was more puke and poo than carpet let me tell you. It was awful. I swear by Resolve (It is the POWDER ...

How Do You Get Throw up Smell Out of Carpet???

I would really like to know if there's an easy way to get the throw up smell out of carpet? Any home remedies anyone knows about? I've already steam cleaned ...

How Can We Remove Vomit Stains from Carpet?

Have you tried to goto a local supermarket, like Giant or to Home Depot to rent a carpet cleaner and see if that works? If it doesn't, is the stain in a ...

Seeking to Buy a Good Carpet Cleaner

I have Berber carpeting in my home and would like to find something that will work well on this type of carpet. Any suggestions? ...

Don't Use Kiwi Carpet Cleaning

My carpet doesn?t even look like it has been cleaned and you can?t tell the ... I have a 2000 sq ft home and usually only get 4 rooms cleaned at a time ...

Getting Red Juice Stain Out of Beige Carpet

We ended up with the red dye on our beige carpet as well and we used the blue dawn dish soap and ... The products are safer for your home and family also. ...

Advice on How to Get Vomit Smell Out of Carpet

My husband and I have used Nature's Miracle, a carpet steam cleaner we have at home, and used vinegar. Any other suggestions on what might get rid of the ...

Advice on the Kirby Sentria Home Maintenance System

We just bought a Kirby Sentria Home Maintenance System. It has all the attachments and the carpet shampooer. We bought it new and I know we probably... "
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