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Putt Putt Golf for a Toddler in Portland, Oregon?

11 answers. P.C. asks from Lake Oswego, OR on October 17, 2009 .... games pc · golf courses ... golf bag · toddler toys · pc tv · outdoor cooking ...

Birthday Party Ideas for 5 Year Old Boy

games pc · Birthday Party · party ideas · birthday ideas · party games · birthday cakes · PARTY INVITATIONS · star wars toys · theme party · fitness gym ...

Army "Low" Crawling 8 1/2 Month Old?

He also plays kids games on the PC and he is very good too. He can't read but he knows all the important words and he doesn't need help with the ...

How to Get My Two Year Old to Talk More

Try and get him involved in playing word games in the car or asking him to describe what he sees out the window - make a game out of it, they love to correct you when they 'find' that ... games pc · word games · baby talking · Baby Talk ...

Looking to Buy a Computer for My Pre-schooler....

The Mini Dells are cheaper, but still let you download games and stuff from ... teach her internet safety and get her age appropriate games for the PC. my ...

Learning Video Recommendation

We do alot of singing and playing games that include these things, but..." ... P.C. answers from Atlanta on April 11, 2008 ...

Unique Baby Shower Games And/or Activities

P.C. answers from Los Angeles on April 18, 2008. I threw a shower for my girlfriend who had a 3-year old. One of the games I had her guests play was a ...

11 Year Old Gifted Son Who Has No Motivation/ambition - Forgets Homework

He can turn it into a game and see just how long he can get people to talk to ... This may sound completely not pc, but I would've jumped at a chance to get ...

Birthday Ideas for My Twin Boys Who Turn 5 in January??

Oct 10, 2009 ... games pc · the boys · b and · school texas · b and b · birthday ideas · magic tricks · gifts birthday · birthday gifts · texas ranch ...

7 Year Old Having Night Terrors

I eliminated a lot of television and video games, yet they continue. Not as often but they do. .... P.C. answers from San Francisco on April 24, 2008 ...
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  • safari sams in sherwood in 4 answers "I would recommend taking your little one to Safari Sam's in Sherwood, OR."
  • teach hand eye coordination in 2 answers "... you don't want them addicted, video games also teach hand/eye coordination."
  • leap frog series in 2 answers "There is a Leap Frog Series, The Letter Factory, Math Circus and Word Factory."
  • indoor mini golf in 3 answers "... he will LOVE Safari Sam's in Sherwood... they not only have indoor mini golf ..."
  • then went straight to walking in 2 answers "My second child crawled this way, then went straight to walking."