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Updated on November 25, 2009
L.M. asks from Nampa, ID
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Hi, moms!
I love this site and just know that with all your ideas and experiences, this is the best place to ask this question!
I am 36 weeks pregnant and my best friend/neighbor wants to throw me a baby shower, but wants to stay away from the tried, true, typical games. You know, no games like the "how big is momma's tummy", "what kind of mystery babyfood is in the jar" "don't say the word 'baby'", etc.... So, I was wondering if any of you have any ideas??

Thanks in advance!


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answers from Los Angeles on

I went to my sil's shower and they did the paint the onesies. I thought that was very neat. It got everyone together more and allowed everyone to not worry about those typical games.

I also went to a shower where it was a game on how quick you could un-scramble words that had to do with a new baby. The best out of three won.

You could also pass a tray with different not so typical items that have to do with a baby and do a memory game.

I hope some of this helps. Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

since you already have 2 kids your really going to have to multi-task, what about a "multi-tasking" game. Maybe holding a phone and a "baby" while you put socks into pairs? Hang laundry talk on the phone and hold a baby? Mix things in a bowl while folding laundry? Real things that multi-tasking mommy do. It will be funny to see how other people try to get it all done. We did play a really great game at a baby shower I went to a little while back with candy bars. There was a list of things and you had to guess what candy bar went with each phrase. I think I have the sheet somewhere here...if you want it let me know and I will e-mail it to you.
I know my trying to explain it here doesn't sound great, but it was really fun, and I have seen it done before.



answers from Los Angeles on

We gave each guest a peice of bubble gum and they had 30 seconds or 1 minute (you choose the time) to sculpt the unchewed gum into a baby. The ladies had alot of fun with this one.

Have a great time at your shower and congratulations!



answers from Los Angeles on

i don't really have game advice (and it seems like you got enough)...however, i hired some women to do my baby shower and one unique thing they did was for every game played the winners received "shower dollars" (the ladies created phony money with a picture of me & hubby on it from our engagement photo shoot). after all the games were played, they auctioned off some really awesome prizes using an auction paddle (that had a pic from a maternity photo shoot i did with hubby).

it was cute how folks would put their money together to get one prize that someone at the table couldn't do without. others were begging for shower dollars from others. so the games were fun, but the auction was the best part. and i liked how the ladies used our pictures on the money/paddle as a nice touch.

hope that helps.




answers from Los Angeles on

My co-workers threw me a shower and they did something that I'll never forget and it was so much fun. They bought plain white onsies and bibs and had a whole spread of fabric paint and stamps/stencils and such and every person (including me) decorated a onsie or bib for the baby. It was so sweet and they were more special to me than the other clothing/bibs that I received. The bibs last longer than the onsies, obviously, but the onsies can be used sooner, so it was nice to have both.

My mother-in-law also threw me a party and the memorable game we played there was kinda gross, but funny. She melted different kinds of candy bars in numbered diapers and people had to guess (writing down by the number) what kind of candy was used. She microwaved the diapers with the candy in them (yikes, that was a terrible smell), but I do not recommend that as it seems like it could start a fire or something.



answers from Los Angeles on

At my daughters baby shower we had men and women, and a wide age range. We came up with a game that was fun for everyone and really broke the ice. We got 30 very small gifts ( most from the dollar store) wrapped them all in plain yellow paper. Then we put them all in a pile on the floor, take turns rolling 2 dice. Set a time limit (10 to 15 min) Every 6 rolled got to either pick a present or take 1 from someone else. This gets real fun at the end. Everyone played and had a blast! Hope this helps and have fun!



answers from Los Angeles on

I just had mine in December...a fun one was having a bunch of different designed and colored socks that your baby will be able to keep later. You mix them all up throw them on the table or floor and time the person to match them up and see who can do that the fastest. It was fun to watch! Also, blindfolding the person and having them transfer cotton balls into a bowl was hilarious. You blindfold them and spread cotton balls outside a bowl and have them use a spoon to place them into a bowl.

You could make a list of attributes like eyes, mouth, humor, skills, etc...and pass that out to everyone- they have to guess whether you want the baby to have mommy's eyes or daddy's eyes, mom's mouth, or daddy's mouth...etc.
Just some ideas:)Have fun!



answers from Los Angeles on

My mom at my shower played "the price is right" game. You take different items ranging in different prices (preferably nothing off your registry). You give everyone a piece of paper and pen and then you go through the items asking if they think the item is higher or lower than whatever price you shout out. Everyone really enjoyed it. And I got to keep all the items for me that was her (one of many) gifts for me. My friend did it at the following party I went to and it was so much fun again.



answers from Los Angeles on

The mom-to-be opening gifts is a big part of any baby shower and also quite a boring activity for guests.

To liven things up a bit I set a timer of 10 minutes. When the timer went off the person who's gift was currently being opened received a prize. It was a lot of fun for the guest and kept everyone paying attention. You can set the timer for any length of time depending on the number of gifts.

Good Luck!



answers from Portland on

Oh L., I have the BEST games for you!! I know this is a "bit late," but there are so many hostesses looking for the same thing you are.

My name is S. N., I'm also known as "The Shower Diva" -- I started a company in 2002 called BadaBadaBingo where I have personally designed and manufactured what are known as "the original" upscale trend-setting baby shower games. In fact, when I first introduced Baby Bingo Deluxe in 2002, a woman in line at Party America in West Los Angeles asked me where I found my game because she had been looking all over for something just like it. I had to explain that I created it and in order to sell it to her I felt it was only right that we step outside the store.

Presently, my games are now found internationally in women's homes and sold through other websites, distributors and retailers. They are truly unique, upscale, creative and fun!

You can see some more of our trendy games at BadaBadaBingo.com and then locate a retailer near you! Of course, you can always buy directly from my website at BadaBadaBaby.com too.

My desire when creating the company (which is 100% mom-owned) is to capture the entreprenuerial spirit I've always had, put my party experience and the creative games to good use for other women at an affordable price and save women time and money. I want everyone to have an amazing experience at their shower.

I know what I've done is to change the way that women experience the fun at their showers. My games are truly beautiful, quality, upscale, trendy, fun, unique and definitely not embarassing or boring. Now women WANT to be invited to showers. I'm sure you have seen a change over the past 8 years.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or join me over on TheShowerDiva.com. I truly love mamapedia's site - don't know why I haven't found it before. I'm blogging on other sites as their Expert "The Shower Diva" and hosting the World's Largest Online Shower Next Month (Dec 16 2009 is the date!) for a well-known company (details to be announced on my home page at TheShowerDiva.com). Hope you can join me there, even if you've already had your baby!!

Happy Showering!
S. "The Shower Diva"
Where Fun Reigns!™



answers from Los Angeles on

I threw a shower for my girlfriend who had a 3-year old. One of the games I had her guests play was a puzzle race. Get 3-4 puzzles that are age appropriate for your other kids and have your guests "race" to put them together. The winners of each "group", then race against each other, etc. until you have a winner. When the game is over your girls get something out of the shower too.



answers from Los Angeles on

what we did at mine was a word scramble. we also played dress the baby where a player as a certain amount of time to dress a baby doll from the diaper up blind folded. the real kicker was the dirty diaper game! where you put bite sized candy bars in a clean diaper and melt them your guest have to smell the candy (no touching only smell) to decide what it is... this goes for great pictures haha! good luck im sure youll get lots of feed back!



answers from Honolulu on

Hey L.,
My baby shower was the BEST shower ever and the games we real fun and unique too. If there are beer drinkers in your family (lots in mine lol) then buy about 5-10 bottles depending on how many people are going to the shower. Fill it up (like a 4oz bottle is fine). And whoever can drink the bottle fastest wins! I also had chocolates melted into a diaper and the people who wanted to play could look, smell, taste lol the "poopie" diaper. Just put like a 1 inch piece of the different chocolates in each diaper. The other game was a usual baby unscrambler, and i cant remember the last game but it sure was fun watching your closest friends and family members compete who can drink out of bottles the fastest. If your family doesnt drink, then try putting apple juice or some kind of juice. Good Luck and congrats on your pregnancy!!

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