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Fetal Testing?

L.W. asks from Chicago

I was wondering what some of you older Moms think about doing fetal testing. I'm 40 years old, pregnant with my second child. (First is almost 4 yrs old). When I was ...


Scheduled for the Sequential Screen Test at 12 Weeks...

N.B. asks from Saginaw

hello ladies, I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my second child and since I'm 35 I'm considered at "advanced maternal age" (which just sounds ridiculous!) so I'm given all th...


Should I Have an Amniocentesis??

I.M. asks from Los Angeles

I am 37 years old and just went through my 2nd trimester screening. Although my numbers came back "negative" and I tested out 1 in 400 for my chance of Down Syndrome,...


Amnio and Risks

D.B. asks from Dallas

We are getting ready for our next OB apt where we have to decide if we want the first trimester screenings. I feel like if I do the screenings and something comes ba...


Bad Thoughts in Back of Mind Regarding Amnio Results

A.G. asks from Minneapolis

Ok so here is my problem. When I was about 16 weeks pregnant, I had quad screen results saying I had a 1:18 chance of having a baby with Downs. I had a second quad s...


Nuchal Transluscency Ultrasound in Saint Paul?

R.A. asks from Minneapolis

I'm already 11weeks and Im having a hard time finding where to do the nuchal transluscency ultrasound. I won't get to see my doctor until I'm 12w6d so I would like t...


Scared About My AFP Results and Having an Amnio

B.B. asks from Los Angeles

I just got my second trimester screen results back and my chance are 1/37 for having a baby withDown's syndrom. I am scared... I am also scared to have the amnio don...


Advice on Pregnancy Screenings & Tests

A.M. asks from Chicago

I just found out I am pregnant after my second round of IVF. I went through 2 unsuccessful IUI's & 1 unsuccessful IVF & a year of accupuncture along with these treat...


IntaUterine Growth Retardation

M.A. asks from Dallas

Hello, My full term baby, 38 and 1/2 weeks, weighed 4.4 lbs. I did have pregnancy induced hypertension at 36 weeks and blood work was bad on my first trimester scr...


Gestational Sac Problems

M.S. asks from York

I have already had two ultrasounds and I am just at 7 weeks. I am going to a fertility specialist so they are monitoring me more closely. They have told me at both of...

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