Nuchal Transluscency Ultrasound in Saint Paul?

Updated on June 10, 2010
R.A. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I'm already 11weeks and Im having a hard time finding where to do the nuchal transluscency ultrasound. I won't get to see my doctor until I'm 12w6d so I would like to book the ultrasound before as Im afraid i'll run out of time.
If you had this test done, where did you go? Did you also have the first trimester blood test with it, or did you wait for the second trimester labs at 15weeks?

Edited to add: I won't get to see my doctor before 12w6d because I am out of the country, it has nothing to do with the quality of his care. I really like him and Im really not looking to change. I would much prefer to do the US and labs because I am not comfortable with the risks of the amnio at this point. Some people prefer a clear answer, some people prefer a test with less risks. I've done my research and having an amnio as a first step isn't for me.

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So What Happened?

I got in touch with my doctor and had him fax a requesition to the Minnesota Perinatal Physicians clinic.

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My midwife has a radiology tech onstaff, and she did my ultrasound at 11 weeks to check for the downs and other genetic stuff. We also did blood tests at that time.

I went to Generation's Womens Clinic. Delivered at St. Josephs downtown. The doctor on staff there is supposed to be great - my cousin-in-law saw her a few times.

I did not to any other blood tests after the initial ones, since everything looked good at that point.




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I had mine done at the Abbot Perinatal Clinic and know they have a few different campuses/locations. Their number is ###-###-####.
They presented me with three options for the test - I chose to have the ultrasound and blood work, then follow-up blood work a couple of weeks later. Found them to be professional and friendly!



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My husband and I went to the Minnesota Perinatal clinic in the United Hospital downtown St. Paul. I had the 1st trimester and 2nd trimester labs and the ultrasound at 11 weeks and again at 5-6 months. I also attempted the amniocentistis and it was unsuccessful after two attempts, my uterus would not give to the needle and I had Braxton Hicks contractions and the needle got stuck in my belly. I hated it and would never do it again, even though the results are not 99.9% with the ultrasound and blood tests it does give you comfort when they do the measurements for down syndrome and you can see the probability or results with the Dr.



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I did not have any tests done until I could have the amniocentesis. All tests available earlier are screening tests, not diagnostic tests. In other words, all early tests will give you is a probability of a potential problem, they will not tell you IF your baby has a problem. So, many people getting the early screenings are given a reason to worry, but not an answer. They have to wait for results from the amnio to confirm or deny these worries.

I would talk with your doctor or clinic to see what they can do to provide you with the tests you want at the correct time, and to answer any other questions you have about the results. If they aren't responsive, you may want to find a new clinic. I worked with the midwives at Park Nicollet clinics and they were fantastic.

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