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Lexapro and Breast Feeding

Read all 7 responses: "I've been on Lexapro before each of my (3) pregnancies but stopped taking it while pregnant and breast feeding, however my OB dr. and ...

Feeding Issues

Sep 23, 2009 ... Read all 20 responses: "Hi Moms, My baby boy has major issues/problems with food . He does not like texture at all. He hates "dry" foods.

Feeding Baby Jarred Applesauce

Read all 9 responses: "I'd like to give my newly solid food eating baby (4 months) regular jarred applesauce instead of baby applesauce.

Feeding Schedule for 9 Month Old

Read all 6 responses: "Hi! I am looking for some advice on a schedule for my soon to be 9 month old. He is still eating about 7 oz. of formula 4 times a day ...

Formula Feeding

Read all 27 responses: "My four month old son has had problems with Enfamil formula. The powder made him constipated and the concentrate made him very gassy ...

Feeding Schedule for a 4 1/2 Month Old?

Read all 5 responses: "What was your typical feeding schedule at 4.5 months? Isaac nurses when he wakes up, takes a serving of cereal a couple hours later, ...

Birth Control While Breast Feeding

Read all 11 responses: "What types of birth control have breast feeding mothers used and what if any side effects were there?

Too Much Feeding?

Read all 11 responses: "my 7 week old seems to always be hungry. he is on soy formula and i am trying to stretch him to three hrs between feedings. he is ...

Help with Feeding 5 Month Old

Read all 19 responses: "My son is 5 months old and is formula fed (after having many problems trying to nurse). He spits up every time we feed him.

Feeding Schedule

Read all 9 responses: "I am curious to know what kind of feeding schedules other babies are on. I want to try to introduce my 8 month old to more baby food ...
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