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Breast Feeding

I need help on what kind of breast pump I should get? Also I would like to know suggestions on what else I would need to buy if i will be breast feedin...


Breast Feeding

does breast pump hurt...? my friend told me it hurts alot... and is breast f...


Breast Feeding

I just had a baby & he is 1 1/2 wks old. And i am worried that he isnt getting e...


Breast Feeding

I have a wonderful baby boy that is 6 weeks old. At the beginning we had some d...


Breast Feeding

Hey moms out there, love this website for help so I am back t ask another questi...

Breast Milk Supply & Production

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Milk Production

What are some things I can eat or drink to help milk production? For some reason I think my production is low, well I worry about it anyways. I wis...

Pumped Milk

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Pumping Milk

I'm having trouble pumping milk with my breast pump. It just seems to pull and be somewhat painful, and not express much milk. It also makes my breasts...



Does anyone else have problems pumping? I've returned back to work after having...



While using a breast pump , is it unusual for your nipple to bleed & get a tiny...


When Should I Pump?

My 2nd son is 3 weeks old and I would like to start pumping so my husband and 3 ...



Ok - so I am having baby #2. I formula fed my first child. This time, I am debat...