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Breast Milk Supply & Production

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Reduced Milk Production

I am breastfeeding my 5 month old and over the past week my milk production has decreased by almost 50%. I have been sick with a sinus infection, but other than that nothing has changed. I work full time, so I pump at work, but I have remained on the same pumping schedule. I was wondering if the sinus infection could be causing this and if so will my milk production go back to normal once I am well. Or...does anyone know any "tricks" to help increase milk production? I did not have this issue occur with any of my other children.

Pumped Milk

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When Should I Pump?

My 2nd son is 3 weeks old and I would like to start pumping so my husband and 3 yr old son can help feed him. But when should I pump? He is eating every 2 hours almost round the clock. I am worried that after I pump, he will wake up and want to nurse and I will have just expressed all my milk. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


How to Pump

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When to Pump?

My baby is 2 1/2 months old, and I'll be going back to work soon. I'm...


Where to Pump?

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