Breastfeeding Alternatives

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Alternative to Cow's Milk

I am almost finished breast feeding my almost one year old baby. I am looking for suggestions on giving my baby something other than cow's milk. Does anyone use an alternative to cow's milk and can offer advice on this subject?

Cow's Milk

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Lemonade and Milk

My kids LOVE their milk. It's their first choice, always. We've been to a few picnics lately where they had lemonade. I didn't really think too much about it until my youngest threw up the other night. My husband thinks it's because he had lemonade and milk and the lemonade made the milk curdle. I know there's truth to this, but surely one can have both beverages on the same day? Maybe if we waited longer in between the two drinks? Is there a safe amount of time to wait after drinking lemonade and before drinking milk so that it doesn't...


Milk to Go

Any suggestinns on where to buy the milk to go (boxes) for long car rides...


How to Start on Milk

I was wondering how to start my son on milk. He will be one in a few days. I...


Warming up Milk

Hi, I was wondering if there are other moms out there that have to warm up...


Formula to Milk

My daughter turned 1 in Sept and Im having a problem switching her from...

Goat's Milk

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What About Goat's Milk?

My daughter is 8 months old. She now is breastfed and also eats babyfood and baby cereal, which I make with formula. Occasionally I give her a bottle if we're going out somewhere. When she was younger she was cow-milk-protein sensitive, but I've heard that Goat's milk protein is much closer to human milk protein. I know doctors don't recommend cow milk for infants younger than 1 year because their digestive systems can't quite handle the cow-milk proteins. So here's my question: Is there any reason not to give my daughter goat's milk...


MILK, Goat Milk

We went on a vacation to Mexico,me, my husband and our toddler. When my...


Goat Milk Formula

I have (with ND advice) put my 6 week old on a Goat Milk formula because...

Powdered Milk

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Liquid Formula vs Powdered

Can anyone tell me if liquid enfamil formula is equally as good in nutrients etc as the powdered version. I have only used powdered but someone offred me some free liquid. I am expecting twins in sept. so thought if breast feeding does not go great I would use it.

Soy Milk

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Soy Milk ???

Can anyone tell me if there are any gluten free milk products? I can't tell if the soy and/or Silk Soy is gluten free. Can anyone help??? Thanks in advance...

Whole or Vitamin D Milk

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Whole Milk or Organic Whole Milk for My Baby?

Hello All, My baby is turning 11 months this 15th. just wanted to know which milk should i introduce. Should it be whole milk (the one with 12% fat) or some other friend is giving her 1 year old baby organic whole milk....should i also give my son Organic milk? what is the real difference between organic and normal whole milk? Do i need to boil the milk? is it better? Also FYI, he did not like formula at all...he usually takes very less formula and insists on having breast milk..... I want to switch from breast milk to totally...