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Suggestions on Christian Family/Marriage Counselor in NW Houston?

Any suggestions on a wonderfulidealy Christian marriagefamily ... the problem in the marriage but that doesnt matter What matters is getting your own heart ...

Age Difference, Having Another Child, Pro's & Cons?

We weren't a super close family and I think that played a role too. So, with all that said I don't think it matters in the long run because my sister and I ...

Chinese Gender Chart

Not that it matters, but it just makes me laugh a 'lil bit.) However, I do have many friends & family that swear by this calendar. But for didn't ...

How Do I Explain to Family Not to Give Dairy??

The canned tomatoes I think most of the family understands not to give him ... have a choice My son's health is the only thing that mattersafter 20 days in ...

"Help for 8 Month Old with Separation Anxiety"

And to make matters worse he's even started to scream and cry at home when .... best of luck and extreme gratitude to you and your family for protecting our ...

Do Family and Friends Patronize and Police Your Child in Front of You?

Sep 3, 2009 ... I have found friends and family members to sometimes be ... if my toddler is eating Safety matters but whether he is standing at a table too ...

Pressure from Family to Use Barley and Formula Milk at 6 Weeks.

I took the advice and pretty much told my family to back off and it .... You need to do what is right for YOU and your BABY Nothing else matters There is ...

Comfort About Basil Cell Skin Cancer

To make matters worse, my in-laws want to come and sit in the office with me. ..... Unfortunately, my husband is Swedish so the fair skin and a family ...

Family Planning

... wantyou are not the only one that matters or counts people are different .... We also have no family in town and it's true that 2 babies is sometimes ...

Highchair Recommendations

Also, my 5 mo. old is ~25-26 inches and ~16-17 pounds, if that matters at all! .... he can participate in dinner with us now by sitting at the family table. ...
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  • basal cell skin cancer in 2 answers "Try not to worry - basal cell skin cancer is fairly common and very treatable."
  • trust your instincts in 2 answers "... you that you should do this or that if you don't want to. Trust your instincts."
  • stick to your guns in 2 answers "Try to be polite, but stick to your guns."
  • other peoples homes in 2 answers "I think if you are in other people's homes, they needs to be aware that children will ..."
  • longer between feedings in 2 answers "... feeding the babies, whether it was to get them to go longer between feedings ..."