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When to Take My Baby Boy to the Eye Doctor?

He will have to have an eye exam (and hearing) when he starts kindergarten. .... If you do not suspect a vision problem, they usually do an eye exam at the ...

Looking for Pediatric Eye Doctor...

Your health insurance should cover the cost of the eye exam, with the exception of "refraction" which is basically how they determine what your Rx is. ...

Recommend Eye Doctor?

Vsp paid for a 200.00 dollar pair of guess glasses and eye exam. THey have a large selection of glasses. Had to pay for contact though. ...

Only Cries Out of One Eye

I'm tempted to cancel because my son doesn't really seem to have a problem and the eye exam is supposed to last 2 hours and will include dilation. ...

My Daughter's Eye Seems to Be Crossing Sometimes

It wasn't until I went for an eye exam when I was 16, with an eye surgeon, that he noticed the problem. The same thing as you dercribed, my right eye ...

Vision Problems in My 7 Year Old?

I am a firm believer now that ALL children should have a thorough eye exam (NOT a screening)before starting school. Most common vision problems are due to ...

19 Month Old Daughter Has a Lazy Eye

At the end of Kindergarten, I had an eye exam and they found out then. They suggested that I wear an eye patch. I did as told until one day, at elementary ...

Looking for an Optometrist for My 14 Year Old Who Has Autism in Menlo Park Area

Patients do not need to be verbal, and they will give a very thorough eye exam in a specialized exam room that caters to special needs. ...

Eye Corrective Surgery / Lasik?

They do make you go into a dark room for about a half an hour to chill out and relax and to do one more eye exam. I DID NOT MIND, you are pretty sedated! ...
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