Looking for an Optometrist for My 14 Year Old Who Has Autism in Menlo Park Area

Updated on January 31, 2008
A.N. asks from Menlo Park, CA
9 answers

Any recommendations on optometrists who can give a modified eye exam to someone who does not communicate very well?

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answers from San Francisco on

I am a mom of 3 and an optometrist in the Fremont area. I attended UC Berkeley's School of Optometry. They have a Special Visual Assessment Clinic for those patients who need to be evaluated in more creative ways. Patients do not need to be verbal, and they will give a very thorough eye exam in a specialized exam room that caters to special needs.

Their web site, including phone numbers (I recommend calling the clinic to request SVAC specifically), address, and info can be found at:


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answers from Chicago on

I also would highly recommend Dr. Kim Cooper in Burlingame. We just went to her to get my 10 month old son's eye probed for a blocked tear duct, and she's just amazing. She's a pediatric opthomologist (but sees adults, too), and she has a gift with children!



answers from San Francisco on

Try Dr Carol Hong in San Carlos. She works with pre-schoolers, and she is an eye therapist as well. I have found her to be very patient, and the office is not crowded.



answers from San Francisco on

I recommend Dr. Ilene Polhemus in Los Gatos. She's wonderful. www.lgeyecare.com



answers from San Francisco on

Call Family Vision Care

They are caring and experienced with many special patients. Dr. Stasko is wonderful.

1234 Cherry Street
San Carlos, CA 94070

Phone: ###-###-####

Fax: ###-###-####

[email protected]____.com



answers from San Francisco on

My daughter, who has down syndrome (and is 14) has seen Dr. Alcorn (at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital Eye Clinic), since she was born. The clinic can be a bit of a pain, but we love Dr. Alcorn so much she makes it worth it.



answers from San Francisco on

It might be worth the drive to Los Gatos to get a comprehensive exam by Dr. Beth Green, Pediatric Opthamologist. She is awesome and has pediatric optometrists on her staff who specialize in working with kids of all ages, many with other medical etc. conditions. Together they can diagnose ambylopia in a 18 month olds like mine several years ago...2 year olds have limited communication skills also! They have picture charts and other methods...she caught that my son was legally blind due to ambyopia aka lazy eye that had not turned inward yet. He had been totally misdiagnosed by out Mtn View family optometrist. Thankfully he now has 20/30 in that formerly legally blind eye due to aggressive patching and proper glasses by Dr. Green and her pediatric opthamologists. They're near downtown LG. Don't have the number in front of me but you can google her. She is IT for pediatric Opth outside of the Stanford system. P.S. I know another friend from church whose son is moderately autistic, severely visually handicapped, and has been seeing Dr. Beth Green since he was about 3 or 4 also. Good luck



answers from San Francisco on

Hello A.,

This is a litle far from Menlo Park however I would recommend him. Wonderful doctor and will take the required time to complete his job. Works hand in hand with his patients.

Thanh Pham, OD
865 B Street
Hayward, CA 94541
TLC Affiliate: Yes
VSP Doctor: Yes
Web site: www.haywardoptometry.com
Other language(s) spoken: Spanish




answers from San Francisco on

My daughter has multiple disabilities, including Cortical Visual Impairment. We live in Woodside and see Dr Kim Cooper in Burlingame. Dr Cooper is amazing with children and my daughter is a tough client! She is 3 1/2 and doesn't communicate. We patch and she wears glasses.

Dr Cooper is well known and respected in the special needs community (sorry she isn't in Menlo Park!)

1720 El Camino Real, Ste 235
Burlingame, CA 94010
Phone: ###-###-####

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