Eye Corrective Surgery / Lasik?

Updated on July 23, 2009
J.W. asks from Carrollton, TX
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Hi Mamas! I need your help! Does anyone have a GREAT experience with eye surgery/Lasik/PRK? I have heard of many doctors in the area (we live in Carrollton), but need some insight as to REAL experiences. I will take the good, the bad, and the ugly! Please be honest. My contacts and glasses need to be a thing of the past! TIA for your comments!

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answers from Dallas on

My husband just had eye surgery and we were VERY happy with Cornea Associates of Texas. We originally saw Dr. Bowman about Lasik and were then referred to Dr. McCall when my husband ended up not being a candidate for Lasik (his eyes were too bad. 20/3200 vision - yes 3200 :) ) He ended up with a Verisyse Interocular lens implant and is doing great. He just had the surgeries in May/June.
Dr. Bowman came highly recommended and made us very comfortable. He explained everything and we would not have hesitated to have him do his Lasik procedure.
We were also extremely happy with Dr. McCall (the Verisyse specialist we ended up using). Again, he explained everything and we felt very comfortable with his knowledge and expertise.
Good luck and let me know if you have any questions for me or my husband.



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.,
I had my lasik performed in August of 2002 by Dr. Tylock! I have had NO problems whatsoever and it has almost been 7 years! I will back him up 100%! He is in Irving off of MacArthur ( I believe!) I am no longer in the Dallas area as I am a military wife now so I do not know if their offices have moved or not. I recommend him and his staff! They are professional yet very personable. They made me feel very comfortable and at ease about the whole process and procedure.
Just a little FYI ... The day of the surgery anywhere you go, most likely there will be A LOT of other patients because they only do surgeries Thurs and Fri. Even with that environment, Dr. Tylock and his staff truly made me feel like I was the only patient. The other reason why I believe he is the best is because at that time some of the professional teams in Dallas use him and the day of my surgery, there were about 5-6 other patients that had come down from OK, KS, and Missouri because they had heard he was one of the best lasik eye surgeons. I know there are other good ones in the city, but like I said ... I will always recommend Dr. Tylock!

I need to add some info as reading the below responses ...

The place that I worked at the time had tremendous benefits, they covered 90% of the procedure. A lot of the employees of course took advantage of the benefit. With that being said, some of them went to Dr. Boothe, MOST went to Dr. Tylock. The employees that went to Dr. Boothe had nothing but HORRIBLE things to say! The other people that went to Dr. Tylock had nothing but GREAT things to say. One of my close friends at my work actually went to Dr. Boothe and hated the experience so much up to surgery ... she walked out of the waiting room on the day of surgery! Yes some may say it is the luck of the draw ... there are going to be people that have GREAT experiences and BAD experiences but when the BAD out weighed the GREAT ... I went with the Doctor whose GREAT landslided the BAD! (in which truly I had not heard one BAD thing about Dr. Tylock at that time!)

I do not want to sound like I am slamming Dr. Boothe because I DID NOT go to him for obvious reasons. They are my eyes and the last thing I want to happen is something to go wrong because he is in such a hurry to get on to his next patient! The day of my surgery there was about 5 other people in the waiting area to go into the surgery room. In the surgery room there was four stations, (as I remember, they give some fun volume to heavily relax you ;} ) When I was on the procedure table, I remember Dr. Tylock actually talking to me which made me feel even more relaxed. It took about 10 seconds for each eye. The whole procedure time and recovery time was about an hr and half. They do make you go into a dark room for about a half an hour to chill out and relax and to do one more eye exam. I DID NOT MIND, you are pretty sedated!! BUT one of the stations in the surgery room was them actually already testing me to see how well my vision was. I can tell you I had immediate 20/25 ... My vision only got better with time. I now have 20/15 in my right and 20/20 in my left. IT WAS BY FAR THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!!!

My recommendation, do as much research as you need to, they are your eyes and you need to feel at ease, comfortable etc.!
Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


answers from Dallas on

My husband had the surgery in Feb 2003 with Dr. Boothe and he will tell you it was the best thing he's ever done and he really liked and trusted Dr. B. Now, some will say that his office is like "herding cattle" because it is so busy and he does one surgery after another. Well, that may seem true but you have to consider that he must be really good to have that many people wanting him to do their surgery. So, if my husband were here, he would recommend Dr. Boothe. Each eye took about 21 seconds and within a couple hours he was seeing tremendously better and by day two, he was seeing perfectly and still does six years later. Best wishes on your procedure whoever you choose to do it, you'll be very pleased...



answers from Dallas on

I used Dr. Boothe several years ago and it was the worst experience ever! I went there thinking he was the best given his reputation, etc., but as the previous poster said, it was definitely like herding cattle. I sat in one room for almost an HOUR after the first eye-cutting part of the procedure was done (along with about 10 other people that were part of my "batch", instructed to not open our eyes, calling us back -- SLOWLY -- one at a time), among many other horrible experiences. The whole process took several hours specifically because he was trying to handle so many people at one time (vs many friends who've told me that they've been in and out of the procedure with other doctors). 95% of my time was spent waiting while he was handling other people. Sentiment among us patients even throughout the many waiting steps of the process was that we were all pretty surprised and disappointed to say the least, especially while anonymously, awkwardly (and blindly) chatting while were waiting with our eyes cut in that holding room, waiting to be completed. HORRIBLE experience! Even humiliating. Not what you expect when you pay thousands of dollars.

Best wishes finding a great one. Sorry I don't have a good recommendation. I know there are tons of good ones out there.

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