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Should I Let My Kids Be There When We Put Our Dog to Sleep?

C.J. asks from Boca Raton

Hi Mom's, We have a 16 year old Beagle and the time has come for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge. The vet will be coming over to the house to do it this evening...


Where to Advertise When Needing to Find a New Home for a Great Dog...

B.H. asks from Phoenix

We are needing to find a great home for our dog. My husband and daughter are allergic to him and it just isn't working for our family. It is breaking my heart to ha...


Neighbors Dog Destroying Our Fence Are They Liable for Helping Replace It?

T.H. asks from Medford

New neighbors in back of us took down the fence on their side of our back yard (there were actually two fences,back to back). Now their big dog is jumping at, diggin...


Looking for a Real Live Longhorn for Pictures

A.S. asks from Austin

Hi mamas, Looking for any leads on a real live longhorn for family holiday picture. I live in the Cedar Park area. Does anyone know of any around that are setup fo...


Ideas for Explaining Death of Dog to 4 Year Old

S.K. asks from San Luis Obispo

We just had to put our dog to sleep this weekend. My son is 4 and knows that he is sick and not happy. We have told him he is at the doctor trying to get better, bu...


4.5 Year Old Doesn't Seem Bothered by Our Dog Suddenly Dying

C.R. asks from Dallas

We lost our pug dog this morning. It was very sudden and happened overnight. We are all very sad but for our 4 1/5 year old son. We lost a pet finch a few months back...


Seeking Advice on How to Tell 3 Year Old That Our Dog Died

A. asks from St. Louis

Thursday night, our 14 year old dog got out of our yard and was hit by a car. The vet said there was no way she'd recover (her spine was shattered and she sustained s...


Dog Just Died,how Can I Make It Easier for My 6 Year Old???

S.P. asks from Miami

After a long and beautiful life,we had to let our dog gizzi go.He was with me for 20 years.Gizzi He was already old when my first daughter was born.But he loved her s...


Up Date on Missing Dog

J.W. asks from Houston

I received a call Friday on my way home from work from the young woman that found Lucy. I was so excited and happy Lucy was ok and soon to be home! The young woma...


Seeking Good Home for Dog

S. asks from Cincinnati

My husband and I got a puppy when we were first married and since having 2 kids she has taken a back burner and quite frankly I feel sorry for her. She gets no attent...

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