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Why Is My Dog Suddenly Peeing Everywhere?

Sep 29, 2009 ... Read all 16 responses: "I have had my dog, a small pomeranian, for 5 1/2 years now. ... My cat did this and he had crystals in his urine. ...

How to Explain to a 2 and 3 Year Old??

Or if you don't want to have any pets at all you could buy stuffed animals that look similar to your dog. When daughter was 4 our cat ran away. ...

Help! My Dog Is Shedding Uncontrolably

I also have a cat who thinks he's a dog. Before you ask..yes they are all fixed, and yes they get along better than most people I know...and they were all ...

So Soon Before You Replace an Animal That Has Died?

I accidentialy ran over Derek's cat while he was staying the night at his ... birth mother had my dog put down she waited a month. then got me another dog. ...

How Do We Explain Putting Our Dog to Sleep?

I have been through this with a dog and cat, and it is tramatic enough for me as an adult. My friend just had to put her lab to sleep 3 days ago and I took ...

Seeking Good Veterinarian, as Well as a Dog Groomer in or near Irving

I have used the Animal Hospital of Valley Ranch for my dog and cat for a few years. They have a groomer there on site - she may not be taking new animals, ...

Need a Cheap Vet for My Daughters Cat

I think maybe you can try the Human Society I know my friend said they are having there dog and cat nutered and spaded by them and they are a less in cost ...

Dog Kennel?

Trust your dog to be in the best care in a clean safe environment! ... I think they know cat food is a No-No and they scarf it down because they they think ...

I Need to Put My Dog to Sleep

There is a wonderful book that in my experience has helped both children and adult owners... it's called "Dog Heaven" by Cynthia Rylant(there is also "Cat ...

Cat Mad at My Daughter?

My cat reacts the same way. She dosen't mind the baby so much (although she is only 3 weeks old) but she never forgave us for getting the dog. ...
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  • animal hospital of valley ranch in 2 answers "I have used the Animal Hospital of Valley Ranch for my dog and cat for a few years."
  • urinary tract infection in 2 answers "I would take him to a vet, he could have a Urinary tract infection or something else ..."
  • marking his territory in 2 answers "He's marking his territory! You better watch him once the baby comes, he may be mean."
  • story road animal in 3 answers "Story Road animal clinic is wonderful!"
  • humane society in 5 answers "I would try and go to the michigan humane society...they take low income and don't ..."