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Updated on December 03, 2007
N.M. asks from McKinney, TX
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Our family just moved to McKinney about 2 weeks ago. My grandfather passed away and we have to leave town for a few days. We don't know anyone yet who can care for our dog while we're gone. In the past when we've boarded her she comes home covered in fleas and miserable! Please share...where is a safe, clean, reputable and fairly inexpensive kennel in the area? Thanks!

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I own and operate All Critter Sitter Pet Sitting here in McKinney and would love the opportunity to help if I can! Here is my website and contact info:
[email protected]


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try green acres, i have given referrals to a few members on here who have all used her and were very pleased. you can look up my post and see the info of everything I have posted to get all the exact information if you'd like. She has a wonderful place that is new, roomy and very clean and beautiful and is a heaven for pets. good luck. L.

oh yea, she isnt far from you , only about 7miles maybe.

oh, I found it and went ahead and copied and posted it here for you...... good luck again..

******Hello, I posted this to another member and she ended up using them and was very pleased. You can look all the info up if you'd like. I just did a cope and paste of the reply I sent to her and I will copy and paste her response in the next msg if that helps. I hope you find something to your liking. It is really nice and not far from Allen at all. Her daughter was in girlscouts w/my daughter Laurika. Take care.

From: L. T Date: Tue. Sep. 25, 2007

This place is very nice and I havent used them personally but have heard from others who have. She is a nice lady and will do all you wish for your pets. Her daughter is in Daisy's with mine and they live down the street from us. Its about a 30min drive or so for you but is a nice place and you would not have any worries. She has a website to check out online. Good luck. Dogs-dogs-n-more-dogs > GreenAcresGardens > Business > Kennels - Now OPEN!!!!!!!!!!
Grand Opening Special!!

$10 for the first dog in a indoor/outdoor run
-- and --
1/2 price for the second dog sharing the same run!!

$15 a day for 2 dogs, that is less than most places charge for 1!! And not to be bragging but our kennels are some of the newest, nicest, safest and the most caring kennels around!!

We have 15 large indoor/outdoor runs! Trust your dog to be in the best care in a clean safe environment! Let me spoil your fur-babies while you go on vacation! I will give you email and several phone numbers to keep in touch while you travel! For an additional charge, I will pick-up or drop off your pets! $1 per mile one way from my place to yours!! Our immediate area is Princeton, Farmersville, McKinney, Plano, Allen, Lucas, Wylie, North Dallas, RIchardson, etc. What a great value if you are in a hurry!!

My kids and I love all dogs and that is why we started this business here at our home! We've been breeders of Scottish Teriers for over 10 years.

We live on a gorgeous 14 acre farm overlooking Lake Lavon, 12 miles from Central Expressway and Bethany in Allen All 15 runs are over 50 square feet with concrete walls 4 feet high to protect your pet from a dog in the next run over...
Or perhaps - protect that dog from your dog... LOL!!

I open the doggy doors (lock open) during the days if the weather is nice and I am going to be here. I lock all of these doors when I leave the farm or if it rains... (lock closed)

FOOD - Under 50 lbs - I charge $1 per day per dog. $2 per dog/day for over 50 lbs - THis is if no food is provided or they run out, I charge for the days I fed them (it is best for your dog's digestion if you bring a sufficient amount of their normal feed!) Bring a little more than you think they will eat, I throw out any that they spill or otherwise contaminate.

Of course all immunizations must be current... Please go by your Vet prior to your stay and get a copy of their shot record. If you are unable to do that, I can call your vet for you and ask them to please fax them to us. I do not mind nor charge for this service!!

I also do not charge for giving pets medicine as long as it is something I can hide in their food and they will eat it. I just had a beautiful Border Collie named "Maggie" She had 4 pills or more each day, her owners taught me a new trick... (Proof positive the old adage about old dogs is false) ANYWAY, they had me mix the pills in with - - get this - CAT FOOD!!! I am telling you - that gal just ate that food with those pills like crazy!! These dogs are smarter than we give them credit for!! I think they know cat food is a No-No and they scarf it down because they they think they are getting away with something!!!

We accept Cash, Checks and if you use Paypal, we can take credit cards that way but there is a 5% service charge to cover fees Paypal imposes! Please let me know if you want to send by Paypal and I will send you an invoice, all you need is an email address, you no longer have to have a Paypal account to send money!!

BTW - The fax and phone here share a line - ###-###-####
SO, I need a call to let me know to set the fax to answer the phone!! Linda's Cell number - ###-###-#### I leave it in the car - it will transfer to the house if I do not answer.

<<< PrevPage1of 2Next >>>buy: this photo multiple photos | view cart < Prev1 of 17Next >Here you see the view looking northwest outside the kennels... Belle, Kelsey and Bonnie are peeking out of Run 7 saying, "MOM!!! Let us out of here!!!" Here you see the view looking northwest outside the kennels... Belle, Kelsey and Bonnie are peeking out of Run 7 saying, "MOM!!! Let us out of here!!!"
edit caption:

Here is the copy of request of member who decided to use her::::

I would like to thank all that replied to my request. It's awesome to get recommendations/referrals from many different people, it definitely helps us busy moms find exacly what we need and much faster. I don't think we would have been able to find such a great place on our own. We've decided to use Green Acres Gardens, they are very reasonably priced, the place is new, clean and the lady that I spoke with, Linda, she sounds so sweet. We feel confident that our dogs will be very well cared for while we're on vacation.

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I have always taken my dogs to the Animal Medical Center for either treatment or boarding while out of town. They are located off of Jordan and Virginia Pkwy. The doctor there is so awesome, and his name is Dr. Hickman. His staff is also very awesome. My dog has stayed there a few times while we were out of town, and she came back just the way we dropped her off.

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Welcome to the area. I am sorry about your grandfather. I know how hard it is to find a great kennel and can be a great stressor at an already difficult time. I suggest looking them up at the Better Business Bureau and the ABKA (American Boarding Kennel Association) If by any chance you are heading west anyway, you may want to consider the kennel that my husband and I own, which is in Flower Mound We do have one customer that comes from McKinney because she trusts us, and she drops off/picks up on her way out of/back to town. Good luck in your choice though.



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I use tailwaggers country inn in van alstyne. I loved them!

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