So Soon Before You Replace an Animal That Has Died?

Updated on September 18, 2006
A.F. asks from Tulsa, OK
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I don't think I will ever forgive myself. I accidentialy ran over Derek's cat while he was staying the night at his grandma's house last night. I feel so horrible. He took it better than I thought he would, but he is still sad. I have never even hit a squirrel or anything. But when I told him he said he wanted another cat, I honestly wouldn't mind, but is it to soon, it only happened last night.

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So What Happened?

Well, we got a new furrbaby. He is so sweet and cute. My step mom had 2 kittens dumped at her house yesterday and she called us, we took one and she kept the other (she lives in the country). His name is Koda, after beloved Brother Bear. Thanks so much for the advice, I have still cried every day over Gizmo, but Derek seems to be doing better now. Thank GOD Koda seems to love him, he slept on his bed last night. Thanks again!!!

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I think you should get him another cat to get his mind off the other one. Get one from the shelter if you can! Good Luck!

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My boys seemed okay after our cat had to be put to sleep, so within a few days I got them a new kitten (that is what they asked for)....but, a few days after getting the kitten they seemed to still be really heart broken over the other cat. I would suggest at least a week or so. Let it sink in for awhile. Just my opinion after going through this about 6 months ago. Sorry for your loss sweetie. I am sure this is harder on you than the kids. C.



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I feel for you. I just did the same thing two weeks ago. I ran over are family cat on my way to pick my son up from a friends house. It was one of the worse days of my life. I believe that cats should stay inside if possible but he was a stray and knew how to sneak out on us. We had him for nine years and was a big part of our family. We all said that we couldn't bear to get another cat so soon. But.... at Petsmart yesterday this cat got our attention and needed a home. I think everyone grieves differently and there is no real answer on how soon is too soon. I thought I wanted to wait, but I feel good that I gave another cat a home.



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when my birth mother had my dog put down she waited a month. then got me another dog. With your son being so young you might want to go head and get him another cat. The cat might be his security blanket.



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Hi A.. Get a new little furbaby ASAP! Putting his and your attention on the care of a new one takes the grief (and for you the quilt) away much sooner.I've done animal rescue my whole life and it's the answer. So, many need a home. )Looks like our Mamasource mom can help!) After 6 yrs. with my little dog, I was told she was going to die. I got a new puppy before she died and was able to get thru it much better because the new one needed me. She is now 5 yrs old, happy and healthy. Pets add so much value to our lives and kids learn responsibility and compassion. Have fun with your new one! C.



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I wish you lived by me, as I have a sweet cat my (not-so) dh is making me get rid of. :S
Pets add so much to a child's life, so if your little boy wants another pet, go right ahead and give him one. It will help him past the grief of losing his first cat, and maybe help you get over any guilt you feel after your accident. I'm a big cat-lover myself, so I send you both hugs!!




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hey a death of a pet is kinda tragic........but sometimes kids get such a bond to their pet that they need one around..........if he wants another one and if its okay with everyone else take him down to the pound or the spca and let him pick one out...........



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We raise Maltese, and I will say that it all depends on the person and the family, I know that this does not answer your question, BUT we are all different, and from what people have emailed, some like to wait others need to have another pet to love.



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I say, take peggikaye up on her offer. get the little guy another lovable kitty. it will help him get over the other cat. sorry to hear about your accident. i'm a mom and animal over too. good luck



answers from Tulsa on

Some people say immediately ...some say wait. I think you have to go by gut Mamma instinct.

On the odd coincidence factor, I have 3 kittens that will be 6 weeks this weekend ... and ready to go to new homes. Good background, free. REALLY cute, beautiful mom and dad. I can email you pictures of the mom and dad. Some personality stories of the mom's and dads. 2 females and 1 male kitten.

my email is name is P. (Pk works)

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