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Toddler Interested in Using Keyboard and mouse-What to Do?

A few websites I let my children on are: nickjr.com, and disneychannel.com. They have plenty of learning games for you child. ...

What Does Your 2 Year Old Toddler Watch?

Dec 31, 2009 ... Disney Channel - Mickey Mouse club house (neutral), Jungle Junction (neutral), Winnie the Pooh (neutral) He likes others from PBS as well, ...

Television Consumption

We stick more to PBS, Disney Channel (which mostly advertises itself) and Baby Einstein DVDs which she loves. I hope that helps. Helpful? ...

Kids Music Recommendations?

I first heard choochoo and im on disney channel, but downloaded them from itunes . Have fun =). 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Computers for Tots

My kids do watch the disney channel and some movies but all the toys I buy for them involve active play, creativity, interaction or imagination. ...

Seeking Kind Words and Support While Parenting a 12 Year Old

I was listening to the tv show he was watching while I was cooking dinner, it was a Disney channel show. I was shocked at the way the characters act towards ...

When Is a Child Old Enough to Be Unsupervised?

She ONLY watches Disney Channel she isn't the least bit interested in any other channel on tv. Give her Hannah Montana and she's in heaven. ...

Seeking How Other Moms' Handle Play of Video Games (DS), Computer, & TV Time

Absolutely no Disney Channel (in fact I am limited to about 15 channels through the cable company to avoid Disney channel). We play educational games on the ...

Music Cd's

Ralph's World videos are featured on the Disney Channel. Give it a try! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Moving Overseas

I am going to invest in a potable dvd player, but mainly for our time in England . british airways has continously running cartoon netowrk and disney channel ...
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  • laurie berkner band in 2 answers "Oh my gosh....The Laurie Berkner Band is just about the funnest kids CD, that I have ..."
  • choo choo soul in 2 answers "I had no idea Choo Choo Soul has a CD!"
  • yo gabba gabba in 2 answers "He also likes Thomas the Train, Jack's Big Music Show, Yo Gabba Gabba, The Wiggles ..."
  • most libraries have a great selection in 2 answers "Most libraries have a great selection of children's cd's so you can try them out before ..."
  • mickey mouse clubhouse in 2 answers "I would try Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Caillou, Clifford the big red dog and Curious ..."