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Movies (non-Disney) for Young Teen Girls

L.M. asks from New York

Last weekend my daughter was sick, so I headed over to the local video store to find a movie or two that we could watch together. I wanted something we haven't seen ...


DIRECT TV - Show of a 700Lb Naked Man in Middle of Disney Show!

D.P. asks from Sacramento

Ughh! Having an issue with Direct tv. I recorded Good Luck Charlie at 8pm last night on channel 291, about 7 minuteds into n the show another show recorded, showing a...


Daughter into "Big Girl" Things

C.G. asks from Dallas

My daughter recently turned four and has shown a BIG interest into Disney channel shows/pop stars. She LOVES Playhouse Disney and Dora but also likes Hannah Montana, ...


Roku Experiences

H.M. asks from Denver

I'm thinking of buying a box and getting rid of cable - so darn expensive!!! So - we watch mostly Disney channel, Nickelodeon and my husband and I really only watc...


Cable Service

A.E. asks from Dallas

What cable service do you recommend? I'm wanting something reliable and at a decent cost. The channels my family likes are the typical: Disney, Nick (all of them),...


Is It Bad Language or the Norm?

C.K. asks from Los Angeles

My boyfriend is okay with telling his kids to shut-up or call them stupid. Am I being too old fashioned if I don't like that kind of language spoken around me and my...


TV And to Much of It.

A.P. asks from Phoenix

So my oldest is 23 and she has OCD and ADD, shes working on moving out but anyway, my daughter was was watching Cars 2 on disney. And my oldest came in and changed th...


2Nd Grader Sending Love Notes

S.M. asks from Spokane

hi! My daughter is in second grade and she has a "crush" on a boy in her class. That was fine with me, as I think it's normal, but it has gone a little overboard no...


Activities for a Two Year Old?

J.M. asks from Albany

My son has never before sat still long enough to watch T.V. Just recently he has discovered the Disney Channel and loves watching it. We come home and if the T.V is...


JFF- Your Kid Gets Their Hands on the Tv Remote And...

R.D. asks from Richmond

... turns on which channel? Are your kids old enough to know what the cartoon channels are? Or do they punch numbers at random like my 2 year old? Because every...

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