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OMG What Has the World Come To..

I.K. asks from Spokane

Hi ladies, Really?? now we show people being naked on regular tv..there is this reality show called"Naked and Afraid"pple in that show are letting everything hang ou...


Love and Logic Help Needed ASAP!

B.B. asks from Portland

We have been trying to implement Love and Logic parenting ideas in our home for the past few months. Overall it has been working well. I need ideas for consequenc...


Seeking "Little Chef" Classes for My Daughter, 6 Yrs.

M.F. asks from Tampa

My youngest daughter, Kimmie, is 6 years old. Ever since the first day I warmed a bottle for her while she was in my arms, she has loved cooking. She often begs me ...


Is TV the Devil?

C.R. asks from Detroit

Does anyone else feel like the scum of the earth for letting their little ones watch tv? My boys are 16-mos-old and they are only allowed to watch Noggin and I try t...


How Much TV Is Too Much for an Infant?

G.M. asks from New York

My baby is one and a few months ago I began putting on Sesame Street and other kids programs to distract her while I did a couple of chores around the house. Over thi...


Vacation ****

J.I. asks from Fort Myers

We r planning a family vacation to disney in august. My question does anyone know of a website for discount hotel or park tickets?? I tried to do some research myself...


Charities to Collect Donations for at a Birthday Party

T.D. asks from Dallas

My 6 year old daughter has developed a huge interest in helping others, which I am so proud about! Her birthday is coming up in March and we've been talking about ask...


What Does a 7 Year Old Watch?

M.E. asks from Tampa

What does a typical 7 year old watch on tv? My daughter only likes Disney Jr. and Nick jr. and we feel these shows are way too young for her now. Is there something ...


Disneyworld Help

A.P. asks from Houston

I'm looking to go to disney at the end of the year. I would like to know what's the cheapest way to accomplish this vacation. 2 adults 1 child age 4. I just went t...


Babies Watching T.V.

M.F. asks from Youngstown

How do you feel about babies watching T.V.? My freinds daughter has been watching the Disney channel since she was 6 months old(she is 14 months now) and they tivo sh...

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