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If it's a progesterone level issue, you can try a hormone balancing cream ( Arbonne sells them) or Red Raspberry tea or Chaste Berry. I drink a tea with both ...

Trying to Get Pregnant...

at Vitiman world there is vitamin called Chasteberry that worked to regulate my cycle from 40-45 days to 28-32 days. And it's all natural. currently I am ...

V. Is Blessed but Depressed

Someone suggested that I take Vitex (chasteberry) an herb that is used to naturally regulate a woman's cycle. It is great. I don't retain water as much, ...

Irregular Periods After Childbirth

L. asks from Chicago

Hello ladies! Here's my situation: I have 4 kids. The youngest is 10 1/2 months old. With the first 3, I got my period between 5 and 8 months after they were bo...


How to Lengthen Cycles WITHOUT Using BC or Clomid

E.T. asks from Dallas

Before I called my GYN, I wanted to see if anyone out there knows how to lengthen a menstrual cycle without the use of birth control or Clomid. My husband was sni...


Conception Suggestions/advise...

J.D. asks from Kansas City

Here's a little background on my situation first: My DD is from my first marriage. When my husband & I got together he told me that he wasn't able to have children b...


Anybody Else Tried False Unicorn Root and Vitex?

J.D. asks from Sioux City

One of the moms on Mammasource said that she had great luck with False Unicorn Root and Vitex when she was trying to get pregnant. I was just curious if anyone else ...


Natural Methods to Encourage Ovulation?

M.W. asks from Denver

Hello all, does anyone know of natural remedies (herbs or supplements, etc) to help encourage ovulation? I've been tracking my cycles for 5 months now and am surpris...


Uterine Fibroid Embolization

T.D. asks from Detroit

Firboid history: I was very sick and had to have an emergency myomectomy back in 2001 to remove 8 fibroids that were located outside of my uterus. They grew back an...


Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding

M.B. asks from Chicago

Hi, I have a 10 month old son who I am still breastfeeding. I would like to get pregnant again, but I have not gotten my period back yet. I am not ready to wean him...

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