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15 Yr. Old Cat Peeing- How Do I Know If It's Serious?

My cat is 13 years old and has had issues with peeing around the house. Cats can live 20+ years, so I would not say it is her "time". ...

Female Cat Marking Her Territory??

Put the cat in the bathroom (or a hard floor room which she can't get out of) with nothing fabric on the floor or where the cat can pee on it, just food, ...

Place to Get Cats Declawed in or Around Pittsburgh

Being a former owner of 2 cats I had them both declawed after them tearing the sofa apart. You can go to any vet and they can suggest a place ot they may do ...

Ideas on How to Keep Cat Out of Nursery

They have nets that you can put over your babys crib to keep the cat ... It's strong enough that the cats can lay on it and it doesn't collapse (I can say ...

Need Ideas on What to Do with Cat While on Vacation!

(sorry, I can't remember the name) in Belton, MO on Main street. They adopt animals out. I do not know if they board animals? However, the cats are free to ...

Indoor Cat with Fleas... Suggestions on Defleaing Her and House

Definitely keep treating your cat and consistently treat her, regardless of whether or not she is an indoor cat. You can actually bring in one or two fleas ...

Cat Urine

I'm sorry to hear about your cats and the problems with them urinating and being jealous of your son. It can be such a difficult transition for our pets! ...

Senior Cat Losing Weight, Maybe Hyperthyroidism?

It was so bad there was nothing to do for her and we had to put my beautiful cat to sleep. Things with them can change quickly. It would be better to take ...

How to cat proof my cats from my child?

You know, when our cat was alive she wanted nothing to do with the baby or his room! But with younger cats I can see where they would be really curious. ...

Pending Appt. to Take Cats to the Vet for 'The Last Visit'

All I can do is share my experience: My son was about 5 when he got a cat from the humane society for Christmas. He loved 'Buddy' cat and he was a crazy, ...
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