Place to Get Cats Declawed in or Around Pittsburgh

Updated on February 27, 2009
S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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I imagine that I am opening up a HUGE can of worms by asking this (I know this because once I aksed a question about declawing on Yahoo and practically got death threats).

I need a clean compassionate place that will take care of declawing safely and will minimize discomfort.

Now to qualify the above.

I have been vascillating on this topic for over 2 years and have not taken this lightly. I am well aware of what happens during the surgery and can imagine what it would be like to have my hand amputated. I have also tried "Soft Paws" and trimming. My cats are indoor and have little to no chance of escaping outside and thus lacking any defences.

MY DECISION WAS MADE WHEN I SNATCHED A SHED CLAW OUT OF MY TODDLER'S MOUTH. Sorry, PETA and everyone who shares the same sentiments, my daughter's life is more important than my cat's keeping their claws. The cats shed their nails all over the house, and I will not risk my dd's stomach being preforated. I RESPECTFULLY ask that anyone just answer the question at hand, rather than give me a pros/cons about my actual decision.

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for all of the public and private messages supporting my decision! And although I know some here consider declawing "cutting kitty's fingers off" I must admit that I would prefer a inconvenienced cat to a dead child. Again, thank you to all of you who gave me both support and information. :) Oh, and here is a ((hug)) for you all (just can't stop me! lol)

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I understand and respect your decision. Being a former owner of 2 cats I had them both declawed after them tearing the sofa apart. You can go to any vet and they can suggest a place ot they may do it right on the premises.


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Hi S., I completely understand your decision. I have had 10 cats over my lifetime and almost all were declawed. If you are looking for low cost, I believe the humane society in the north side does declawing. I have used them for vaccinations for years. If money is not an issue, I have had animals at VCA castle shannon, Met vet in castle shannon and South hills veterinary services in bridgeville. All three offer declawing services. Hope this helps. good luck

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I go to a wonderful vet in Elizabeth. It is south of Pittsburgh by about half hour.
It is called Riverside Veterinary Hospital. There number is ###-###-####. They declawed my one cat and she did wonderfully.
Like you, I debated for a long time about having her declawed. It wasn't until I became pregnant with my daughter and did not want her to be clawed by my cat. She never swats you, just plays a little rough.
It was a very hard decision to make and I do not envy you for having to now go through what I had to.
I hope everything works well.

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This may be a trek for you, but I LOVE Dr John Stepuson at Affordable Pet Care in Finleyville. He is a great vet.



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Hi! I have personally used Avalon Vet for declawing all 5 of cats that I have had in my lifetime. They are great, compassionate doctors! Good luck!

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