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Moms with Cats

E.T. asks from Tampa

Hey Moms, I have 2 cats with seperate litter plans. I hate relying on the kids to "do" the pan everyday. I know there are automatic litter pans out there and was wond...


Moving with Cats

K.S. asks from Chicago

Has anyone ever moved with cats? How did you teach them where the litter box is in the new house? Should we let them walk around the whole house when we first bring...


Geriatric Cats

H.M. asks from Columbia

Hi Moms! Ok, so they're not THAT old...they're 10.5. They're considered seniors and they're indoor cats. I've been feeding them Wellness brand food for about 8 month...


Stupid Cats

K.O. asks from Chicago

Ok, no, I am not an animal hater but my cats are driving me crazy. We recently got two new kittens and both are about 6 months old now. They are great, and I've had...


Cats and Toddlers - Can They Coexist?

D.M. asks from San Francisco

I have 3 lovely little boys in my life - 2 feline and one toddler. Our two cats have been with us for 5 years now and were my babies before my little boy came along ...


Cats ...

A.B. asks from San Antonio

OK, so this may sound silly to you, but I have to ask anyhow! We have a kitten who lives outside, he was born from the neighborhood stray cat, we think he is about 4-...



M.G. asks from Dallas

There's a stray running around who likes to use my son's sandbox as a litter box, and it's getting old. We used to have a cover, but it fell apart quickly. We're pl...



C.R. asks from Kansas City

well i have a cat thats almost a year old now and we got a new baby kitten and my cat is agreesive he will bite you and scratch you and i dont want him to hurt the ba...


Baby Gates & Cats

S.C. asks from Columbus

How do cats deal with baby gates? We have four cats--two are relatively spry, two are definitely not. Our baby is about to start crawling, and I'm worried them gettin...

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  • show them where the litter box in 2 answers "We generally show them where the litter box is FIRST, and then let them explore as ..."
  • covered litter box in 2 answers "I just got the largest covered litter box I could find, and the problem is gone."
  • jump over the gates in 3 answers "... have a pretty fat cat who doesn't do much but he was able to jump over the gates ..."
  • gates without a problem in 2 answers "... cat who doesn't do much but he was able to jump over the gates without a problem."
  • royal canin in 2 answers "We feed Royal Canin that is a prescription ,food for our cats."