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Stiff Joint Post Pregnancy

Have a blood test. They can look for arthritis markers, lupus, and a host of other things that could be causing the pain and stiffness. ...

No Period, No Pregnancy

Have they done blood tests? I think it is absolutely too long to wait. You have to get another opinion....not to scare you, but there could be something ...

8 Days Late on Period but Pregnancy Tests Say Negative!

I called my doc and he recommended a blood test. It was positive. ... Once I was a week or so late, but on a blood test I was positive. ...

Question About "Vanishing Twin" and Results of the Down's Syndrome Blood Work

I did not have any blood tests done because I denied them and then on u/s my daughter was found to have 'markers' for Down's. I also denied a amnio because ...

Prenatal Blood Tests

Read all 17 responses: "I am not yet pregnant however I am a little confused when you are supposed to start with the prenatal blood tests.

No Period

Has your doc run blood tests? My 20 year old niece was not having periods for a few months, had been on the pill and went off of it. ...

False-Negative Pregnancy Tests

She then went to her doctor to have them take a pregnancy test (urine) and it came up negative as well, but then she had them take a blood test to find out ...

High Levels in Blood Test

Jul 13, 2009 ... Read all 5 responses: "I saw the nurse for my first visit yesterday. She was going over my lab work and said that I was clearly pregnant ...

Home Pregnancy Tests

We are trying to schedule a blood test. But my ob cut down his hours. Thanks ... I went to the dr's and they did a blood test on thursday. ...

5 Days Late but Negative Pregnancy test...what Could Be Going On?

Get a blood test, with my secnd pregnacy the home test came back negative ..... Just an fyi my blood tests were also inconclusive until I was a month late. ...
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