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Birthday Party

N.S. asks from San Francisco

I am having a party for both my daughters together. One birthday is in December, close to Christmas. We wanted to push it out to early to mid January at the latest. W...


What to Do for the Birthday Party??

H.M. asks from Grand Rapids

My daughter is turning 4 next month and we plan on having a birthday party like we do for her every year. We live by my husbands family and the "whole" family likes t...


Birthday Party

A.M. asks from College Station

My daughters are a year and 20 days apart so I am splitting down the middle and having a birthday party for both of my girls (they will be 1 and 2) so its not like it...


Birthday Party

S.N. asks from Atlanta

I am planning a birthday party for my daughter who will turn 5 in August. I would love to have a Princess party (not at my house). Does anyone know of any good place...


Birthday Party

V.P. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know who I would need to talk with if I wanted to get a hold of a major league team about doing something for a kids birthday party? I live in Texas and I...


McDonald's Birthday Party

A.V. asks from Dallas

I want to see if any of you have any feedback for a child's Birthday party at McDonald's. Thanks!!


Seeking Entertainer for Birthday Party

L.T. asks from Seattle

Where can I find a person to come to entertain children for a birthday party at home?


1St Birthday Party for Daughter

S.T. asks from Houston

Does anyone have any really cute or unique ideas for a girl's 1st birthday party?


Birthday Party Etiquette Question

L. asks from Dallas

If both my kids are invited to the same child's birthday party, do I bring one gift or two?


Birthday Party Etiquette

B.B. asks from Charlotte

Should I plan on attending a birthday party with my 6 year old or is that only what you do with younger children?

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  • daughters first birthday party in 2 answers "I'll never forget my daughter's first birthday party."
  • gymboree play and music in 2 answers "I noticed that someone already recommended Gymboree Play & Music."
  • two separate parties in 2 answers "... that so that all the relatives don't have to come out for two separate parties ..."
  • cartoon characters in 2 answers "... stayed inside for one hour making the harder things like the cartoon characters ..."
  • one gift that costs in 2 answers "proper", but I usually either take two gifts or one gift that costs about the same ..."