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Updated on August 30, 2009
V.P. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Does anyone know who I would need to talk with if I wanted to get a hold of a major league team about doing something for a kids birthday party? I live in Texas and I'm planning my sons birthday party and would like to get signed baseball cards as one of the favors, but can't seem to find a number for someone who could help me with this. Thank you

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There should be a media relations person for the team that you can talk to. That would be where to start. Good luck!

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I would try the Fort Worth Cats, they are more of a local and smaller league team. I've received a donation from them thru our Foster Parent Assocation. I would talk to their public relations officer or even go in and talk to them. They have a gift shop and there are two ladies that can help you.

I say the Rangers would be harder to arrange due to their schedule and all. I know you can do birthday parties at the Rangers baseball field. Again, talk to the Public Relations officer or Customer Relations Dept. Good Luck

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Just contact their PT department. Tell them what you need. But I would think you'd need to give them about 2-3 weeks lead time to get the request processed. Later

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