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Gasy Girl

COngratulations on your baby girl. My daughter is 6 months and I remember the " gasy" phase very well. I did not find mylicon helpful, however my Dr. told me ...

Seeking Advice on Play Gear / Activities for My 4 Month Old Baby Girl

Read all 7 responses: "Hello Mamas! My daughter is getting more active now and is looking for more entertainment. She is constantly looking for me to pick ...

16 Month Old Baby Girl Not Sleeping Through the Night.

Read all 6 responses: "Hello, mayday! mayday! i have a 16 yr old baby girl that does not sleep through the night. she gets up like two and three times a ...

Baby Signs

I am definately interested - I have a 15 mth old baby girl and a 4(almost 5) yr old boy. I have been trying on my own to teach them sign language using ...

Looking to Sell Gently Used Baby Stuff

I just had a baby girl and may be interested in the bassinet. Do you have a picture you can email me? I know they aren't in them very long ...

Looking for a Sweet Girl Name for Third Baby

Read all 8 responses: "I would love to hear some great girl name suggestions. We already have a name if it's a boy, but are stuck if it is a girl."

Ideas How to Keep a Bow in Baby Girl's Hair

Read all 6 responses: "I need some ideas on how I can keep a bow in my baby girl's hair. It is just barely long enough to wear a bow.

How to pick a color for my baby's room?

I painted my baby girl's room a light sage green with yellow, ... We painted our baby girls bedroom a khaki type lighter green (actual color is Vista Paint: ...

Cruise with 9 Year Old & 10 Month Baby Girl

Read all 7 responses: "My husband & I are taking our first official trip with the baby. I'm not too sure what to take, what not to take.

Ideas for Painting Girl's Room

Read all 7 responses: "I found out I will be having a girl this time around ... Does anyone know of any websites that give ideas for painting baby's rooms? ...
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  • soy based formula in 3 answers "She might be lactose intolerant and need soy based formula."
  • ended up naming in 2 answers "... although it looks like you already have that one covered =). We ended up naming ..."
  • ky jelly in 3 answers "I have used KY Jelly (they taught me that in the hospital) to keep bows in my baby ..."
  • mylicon drops in 3 answers "I have him on the mylicon drops too but we are using enfamil gentlease."
  • karo syrup in 2 answers "My mom always said to use Karo syrup, just a small dab would be sticky enough to keep ..."