Ideas How to Keep a Bow in Baby Girl's Hair

Updated on October 09, 2010
K.K. asks from Memphis, TN
8 answers

I need some ideas on how I can keep a bow in my baby girl's hair. It is just barely long enough to wear a bow. When I put it in her hair when she feels it she takes it out. Any ideas on how to get her to stop doing that? I tried some double stick tape but then a few hairs came out! lol! Bless her heart she can't afford to loose a single strand!!

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answers from Nashville on

Karo syrup and little craft bows from walmart did the trick for us. Just use a very small amount and be sure to wet it before taking it out or it will pull her hair out too!



answers from New York on has really cute bow headwraps so your baby doesn't need much hair to wear them.



answers from Hattiesburg on

At the hospital they but bows in my daughters hair with ky jelly. Now that she is three i just tell her how it makes her hair look prettier!



answers from Huntsville on


I've never had the heart to try to make a bow stay in my daughter's hair- they always seemed to bother her. Now that she's 4, she WANTS a bow to stay in her hair, but no matter what kind of barrette, clip, etc. we buy, nothing stays. Her hair is fine and straight. Nothing stays in for more than about 5 minutes.

As for your question, I have heard of people using a dab of toothpaste, because it stays after it's dry. I've also heard of using a dab of vaseline, but that would leave greasy hair, and it takes Dawn to get greasy stuff out. (Don't ask!!!! LOL)

Good luck!



answers from Huntsville on

We used the KY Jelly as well, BUT get the Wal-Mart brand...We too were told about this trick at the hospital by a nurse with 4 daughters...It worked wonders, but you have to let it dry completely. The weight if the bow matters as well. Until she had enough hair for a clip, I would buy the really thin ribbon and tie a bow and stick it on there! I'm not sure what the difference is, but the nurse was very adamant about it being the Wal-mart brand...I didn't question it. Give it a shot, it worked for us!



answers from Knoxville on

My mom always said to use Karo syrup, just a small dab would be sticky enough to keep it in place. I never tried it though, my girls hated anything on their head! Now my boy on the other hand has a head full of thick hair and could careless to wear a hat or even if sissy puts a bow in his hair(shh!don't tell daddy!) go figure!
Good Luck~N. J.



answers from Knoxville on

I have used KY Jelly (they taught me that in the hospital) to keep bows in my baby girl's hair (she's just now getting hair, but it's fuzzy and short). She's 5-months-old now and is starting to notice things ... so I haven't tried that in a while since I'm pretty sure that she'd pull them out (just like your little one is doing).

She has this one bow that's on a headband (a gathered piece of material over elastic) that works pretty well. I've been trying to find more like it ... although this one is pink and goes with quite a lot. The only drawback is it leaves a mark on her poor little head when I take it off (but she doesn't seem to fuss like it's hurting her when wearing it).

Wish I had some better advice, but I'm wondering how to do the same thing you are! ;) Hopefully some other posters will have better ideas ... I'll keep checking in to see if so! ;)

Good luck!


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