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When I was on too high of a dose of my meds I got panic attacks. Sometimes anxiety can be a side effect of any anti-depressant. So, I would tell your doctor ...

Anxiety Medication

Read all 16 responses: "I have had anxiety and panic attacks for almost two years now. I've been taking Paxil which has helped me; the only problem I have ...

6 Year Old with Panic Attacks

We are searching for any way to help him deal with his anxiety. He breaks out in a cold sweat, cries, shakes and starts to hyperventilate during these panic ...

Anxiety- Prozac? Cymbalta? Paxil?

People that think counseling alone cures all of this have never truly experienced true panic and anxiety. I pray you wil get the correct medicine to ...

Zoloft and Panic Attacks!!!!!!! EDITED

Anyway, not to scare you...but I'm glad I caught you while you just started. I have cured my anxiety and panic attacks without medication. It is possible. ...

Doctor Referral for Anxiety Disorder

I've had anxiety all my life. It would wax and wane, and culminated in several panic attacks several years ago. The I got married and had my two girls and ...

Peanut Panic

Peanut Panic. Hi moms, I love the advise on this page and I hope you can help .... good luck to you, and i feel your anxiety. my daughter is 6months old and ...

Panic Attacks

I have had anxiety/panic all my life. It got really bad after highschool, i couldn't leave the house either, i followed my mom around like a puppy, etc. ...

Anxiety Disorder

Not only did it help with the anxiety/panic issue, but it helped over all. I can tell that I am more relaxed (not lazy and letting things get piled up), ...

Anyone Continue on Pristiq While Pregnant?

I have no experience with Pristiq, but am sadly very familiar with anxiety/panic disorder. I have just one child, and went off of Welbutrin and Clonazepam ...
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