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Updated on March 23, 2007
S. asks from Arlington Heights, IL
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I have been having overwhelming anxiety this whole week. I had my Lexapro refilled and started that last night (went off it for about 6 months, stupid me!). Anyone else have this problem where they are on meds, go off them and then really need them? Any suggestions for the anxiety?

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I have anxiety and depression and have to be on 150mg of Effexor XR probably for the rest of my life. It's genetic and I tried going off my meds, too, but would rather stay on them for the rest of my life than be overly depressed. When I was on too high of a dose of my meds I got panic attacks.

Sometimes anxiety can be a side effect of any anti-depressant. So, I would tell your doctor what you are experiencing. It could be a transient effect.



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i'm not a Dr but Kava Kave and 5HTP seem to help. but don't take those if you are taking a perscription



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Personally, I've never been on any anxiety meds, BUT people close to me have. Why did you go off them? Did the doctor tell you it was time or did you feel it was time? At this point, I think it would be best to talk to your doctor and get back on track.

My mom is on a low dose of medicine for her menopause and she took it upon herself to stop taking them. WHOA, what a mistake that was. Her mood swings came back and she had the horrible feeling of being out of control. At different times in our lives, we all may need help to get through the day as even keeled as possible.

In my opinion, I would talk to your doctor. Maybe a different dose is a better option than quitting cold turkey as you did.

Good luck.




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I haven't been on meds but have been in therapy for anxiety- I like things that work. If I were you I would be on meds but I wouldn't discount the therapy. I would boost the therapy up and with guidance cut back on meds. Therapy should be 'taken' with the meds as much and often as possible. It works for me but then again -it depends.
I hope you are able to get to a really balanced place in your life.
Wishing you the best-



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Dear S.;

It is my understanding that anti-depressents and anti-anxiety medication can be "addictive" in a sense. You should never just quit taking any medication without consulting your doctor. I also believe that most doctors will gradually take you off this type of medication, bringing your levels of the drug down slowly, so you learn to cope with stresses again without the aid of medication. I hope that helps. I do think talk therapy/counseling would help as you decrease your meds, if that is what you want to do

Good Luck



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I am a counselor and see this happen very often. Don't worry about it too much!! Talk to your doctor. Usually people go off because they are feeling better and don't think they need the meds anymore. In reality, it may have been somewhat due to the meds. Meds usually take several months to be full strength in your body and the same coming out, so it could have taken a little while to notice. If your anxiety is occasional, you could discuss a med that you just take when you have an attack. If it's daily though, you may need to be back on the lexapro...

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