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Good Laundry Detergent for Kids Dirt??

Read all 19 responses: "I have always bought liquid Tide for my family's laundry . ... laundry for an army.. and I quit my job to stay home with the 2 kids. ...

Spotty Red Rash All over My 2 Year Old

We just had something like that with all 3 kids. 3 weeks in a row. It was 5th disease. The face should get red circle cheeks if its that. ...

Indoor Birthday Party Games for 6 Yr Old Kids

You have all the kids sit in a circle, play music, and they pass the parcel around. When the music stops the child holding the parcel removes one layer of ...

Anyone Know About Ben 10 Alien Force?

Read all 12 responses: "I try to be careful about what my kids watch on TV and my ... All my kids watch it, ages 8, 5, 3 and I don't have a problem with it. ...

All She Wants to Do Is Dance

Nathalie S added this item : Glowworms....they are classic. All my kids had them and adored them from birth to about 4 years old. 1 hour ago ...

Are You Giving Your Kids a Flu Shot?

With kids hanging around each other all the time and sharing germs, I believe it is needed. What I told my son is that he was going to get a little pinch ...

Best nor Cal Beach for Kids?? Need Good Day Trip...

We take tubes and other float toys and rope, tie them to the beach. All the kids have a GREAT time. Let me know if you have more questions. ;o) Have fun ...

Is the Yelling and Screming All the Time Normal????

Read all 11 responses: "All my kids just yell and scream all the time. Telling on eachother every 5 sec. I ask then to do something or not do something and ...

Craft Ideas for Kids to Make for Sick Relative...

Thank you all for your great ideas. I love the idea of sending him pictures of the kids. We ended up taping their pictures to the inside of a construction ...

Kids Halloween Party

Read all 23 responses: "I'm throwing a small Halloween party for about 10 kids that are between 2 and 4. I would like to come up with some Halloween theme ...
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  • low grade fever a few days in 2 answers "They usually run a very low grade fever a few days before the rash shows up and then ..."
  • witches brew in 2 answers "to dip in ranch dressing = "witches brew""
  • dance workshop in arlington in 2 answers "... sure what city you live in but my girls go to the Dance Workshop in Arlington."
  • crescent rolls in 5 answers "I saw a cute idea using hot dogs and crescent rolls."
  • there is a place called dance in 2 answers "D., Im dont know where you live, but in arlington there is a place called Dance Invasion."