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Updated on February 17, 2009
C.S. asks from Waterbury, CT
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My husband's uncle is sick with cancer, in the hospital and the doctors arent giving him much longer to live.

Feeling helpless, I want to send the family something. Just to let them know we are thinking of them in this terrible time. My husband's cousin suggested a gas card and/or Stop and Shop gift card to help Aunt C with the expense of traveling back and forth to the hospital. Its quite the haul.

I am at a loss for something I can send to Uncle B. Uncle B. hates flowers (he says they stink) and, sadly, cannot eat anything at this time. I want to send him something, and I thought having my kids make him something would be the best way to go.

I'm the least craftiest person I know, and clueless when it comes to this sorta thing. Anybody have a good, simple craft we could make and send to a sick relative?? Other than the kids scribbling on a card?
Thanks for your ideas.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your great ideas. I love the idea of sending him pictures of the kids. We ended up taping their pictures to the inside of a construction paper card, and the kids went wild drawing, using glitter and paints to decorate. I think Uncle B. will be touched be the hard work they put into the cards.
Thanks Again! :)

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Send a nice picture in a popcicle stick picture frame decorated by the kids. You can also make a card and trace the kid's hands inside. My dad died of cancer last year and one of the things he treasured when he was sick was pictures of his great grandkids hung where he could look at them when he was awake.



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How about a picture frame? You can buy cheap wooden ones at Michaels (or other craft store), and have the kids paint them, or glue on buttons etc.

How about taking lots of pictures of family members and have the kids help you arrange them in a collage.

Have the kids trace their hands onto stock paper or heavy construction paper, then cut out the hand shape, glue a picture in the middle.

For the family, I'm sure they don't have much time to cook. How about a gift certificate for a restaurant near the hospital (something like Chilli's, Applebee's, that give you the pick-up option).



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I think a nice collage of family photos would be a great gift. It is gender friendly and will bring back some wonderful memories for him. At this time when he is feeling so ill I am sure him being able to reminisce will really be a nice distraction for him. I have cared for two cancer patients in my home with hospice and being surrounded by family and photos was always a great comfort. I am so sorry for what you and your family are going through.



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The year my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer I decided, for his birthday that year that I wanted to get a large multi picture frame and put pics of all the grandkids in it for him. I picked out at least one pic of each grandchild, mostly ones of us when we were little (there are 12 of us!) ranging in ages from 19-36-ish. He loved it and when he was put in a nursing home for the last 6 months of his life (shortly after his birhday, he fell in the bathroom, weak from radiation and chemo and hit his neck on the bathtub and was paralized mostly from the neck down.) He brought it with him and had it hung up in front of his bed so he could look at it. Your kids can pick out all the pics and make some silly inserts to go in the frame and make a nice card. Good luck and my prayers are with you and your family.



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Using Popsicle sticks or crayons or a number of other things that relative shape you can make great picture frames, embellish them a little bit with something that he likes and fill them with pictures of the kids or even him and the kids together. Also maybe a good book or something else that would help him pass the time, I don't know what condition he is in but maybe crosswords? Good Luck with everything and I am sorry for everything you are going through.

An awesome gift for the people who visit him everyday is prepaid cards for the hospital parking garage or the coffee shop in the lobby. I have purchased both of these and they have been hits.



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You can have the kids make finger painting pictures for him, and once the front is dry, put a hand print on the back and the date and age of each child if you like. You can also have them draw him pictures (or color them in) of food that they think he might like to eat. Macaroni art is another fun thing for them. Either let them glue the pasta to paper, and then paint it, or make "garland" with pasta that has holes in it and can be strung. Now would also be a good time to go and get valentine craft things from the craft store at atleast half off and make those.



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check out family they have all sorts of crafts with directions... good luck

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