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Choice Between Me or Alcohol

H.K. asks from Gainesville

My husband was a recovered alcoholic when i met him at age 25. He had never touched a drop in 5 years. Well, we have been married 5 years and about a year ago he tot...


I'm Worried About Alcohol.... Can Anyone Relate?

O.L. asks from Los Angeles

I'm finding myself feeling anxious about alcohol. I was raised by an alcoholic and a narcissistic mother, so the combination of the two was not great to say the least...


Help with Alcohol

L.J. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know how AA works? I've heard that it has a strong faith based program, and I am not Christian. Does anyone have advice as to help for drinking too much...


Mom Seeking Support Group for Alcohol Addiction Family Member in Gurnee Area

D.K. asks from Chicago

Hello to all, I was hoping that someone out there could give me a good references. My husband is now a recovering alcoholic. He is seeking treatment and counseling. O...


Alchohol and Tamazapam Addiction-24 Year Old Daughter

Y.I. asks from Dallas

I hate to say money is short for rehab but it is. At 600-700 per day it's like only rich people can afford it. Is ther any such think as self help rehab? I mean me an...


California DUI

B.M. asks from Sacramento

Hi, I have some questions regarding DUIs. My 22-year old brother got one last night for an alcohol level of .11. Is that considered high? He has been having some iss...


Prescription Addiction and Help to Stop

M.D. asks from Houston

i have this problem-major one. i've been addicted to high potentency pain killers for about 4 years, and to make matters worse i am on therapy for hepatits c and hiv....


How to Explain but Not Explain a Parents Absence

S.W. asks from Dallas

My boyfriend is going to rehab and will be gone for the next two months I am trying to figure out what I should and shouldn't say to my step daughter who is 6. Also w...


Our answersRe-hab

P.A. asks from Los Angeles

So I'm kinda fuming and not sure what I should do............a friends son is finishing his first stint in re-hab (spent his 21st birthday there) and will be coming h...


What to Say to BIL Who Attempted Suicide

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

I had a different question on here earlier about my BIL who attempted suicide last night but that got answered (thank you) so now I have a new question. My husband j...

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  • hes fallen off the wagon in 2 answers "And now he's fallen off the wagon. You are sick with worry I'm sure."
  • adult children of alcoholics in 3 answers "You need to talk to a therapist, or join Adult Children of Alcoholics."
  • does not sound like an alcoholic in 2 answers "Your husband drinking as you describe does not sound like an alcoholic - but on some ..."
  • al anon in 4 answers "I believe there are al-anon meetings that YOU can attend and I recomment that you ..."
  • al anon in 4 answers "I spent years struggling wit Al-Anon as it did not fit my anger and other issues."