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Ceremony for Baby That Has Christian and Jewish Parents

D.P. asks from Phoenix

Hi everyone- I was wondering if anyone has had this same situation. We just had a little boy and want to do some type of ceremony to welcome him into our families- we...


Seeking Christian, Biblical Perspective on "The 39 Clues"

T.L. asks from Denver

I have a ten-year-old daughter. The gifted program in school is asking whether she can participate in "The 39 Clues," a multimedia game. I have done some research o...


Silly Thing Your Children Have Said

C.C. asks from Philadelphia

when my oldest was in christian nursery school. he was 3 yrs old. they were talking about religion one day. the children are all different types of christian religii...


Going to Church

C.E. asks from Reno

I was not raised going to church... ever. I used to go to church every once in a while with my neightbor, and then I went to a youth group with them when I was in hi...


Question for Protestant Christians

S.S. asks from Cincinnati

Ok I am not trying to start a religious debate or anything I am honestly JUST CURIOUS. i have seen quiet a few times on here when someone ask a question about religi...


Jehovah's Witnesses

C.M. asks from New York

Not sure if religion meets the guidlines of this site, so if the question gets pulled, I'll totally understand. Growing up my mother was a Jehovahks witness. At the t...


Please Inform on Jehovah's Witness & Voting Before I Snap on My Co-worker

N.N. asks from Detroit

I walked in with all my Good Morning's and ask did they vote. My co-worker who is a JW of whom I respect her decisions respondedto me by saying "huh I am a chrstian" ...


Seeking Religious Education

N.S. asks from Dallas

I have been wanting to learn about my religion for a very long time and am confused and embarrassed to do so. I was raised in a mixed family jewish mother and christ...


Jewish Info Needed

B.C. asks from Dallas

This might sound strange, but I am a christian wanting to really find out about Jewish religion. Not to change religion, but I am stragely drawn to (acutally obsessed...


12 Steps and God

I.:. asks from Minneapolis

Is AA and OA and such all based around a religion? Are the 12 steps all the same? How much of it is about God? If you are an alcoholic and an atheist, are you just sc...

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  • jws dont vote in 2 answers "... meant...) I just saw that a couple of your posters said that JW's don't vote."
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